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2018 Holiday Green Gift Guide

It’s Christmas time!!  And you know what that means… a mad dash to finish checking off the Christmas list.

Why do we always wait until the last minute to get those last few gifts?  I personally think it’s the adrenaline of the holiday season & the challenge of finding that “perfect” item for that 1 person or 3 who’s the hardest to buy for.

Of course I believe in giving gifts I’d love to get.  So just like my last green gift guide, I’ve put together a list of sustainable gifts to consider whether you’re trying to “outdo yourself” or redeem from last year.  Or if you’re just looking for something unique to gift.  It’s worth mentioning again that the ultimate Green gift is homemade food –  cookiescakes, and other goodies – but if cooking isn’t your thing read on for more sustainable gifts that keep giving all year long.

Note:  Almost all the items on this list are sustainable in some way – recyclable after use, made from green/natural materials, long lasting, etc. 

Disclosure: This post includes some affiliate links from companies I love & trust.  If you happen to sign up  for a program or make a purchase using my link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read my full disclosure here. Photos link to products.

Gifts for the serial entertainer:

Can you imagine taking shots out of these?!  Talk about cool & SWANK!
This is just really brilliant & unique. I make a lot of things but i don’t think even I could do this.

I do have to say that we LOVE our soda stream. We don’t buy soda & haven’t for many many years. I mostly use it to make “club soda” – purely just carbonated water – to mix with regular water or for mixed drinks. No chemicals or extra ingredients – just pure water. The kids mix it with juice & we have used a few of the flavorings for a treat.

SodaStream USA, inc

Gifts for the homebody, new mom, or anyone you think could use a home spa day:

These super soft socks were on Oprah’s favorite things list.  And if Oprah loves ’em…
This “Relax and Reset Kit” is perfect for a little home spa time.  Bonus for portability – take the kit with you on quick trips too. 
Handmade soap
Try handmade soaps & lotions.  Even if you don’t make them yourself, you can get some great options on Etsy
This nightlight is meant to naturally purify the air.  Perfect for a spa environment & healthy home.

Gifts for the modern man (who has it all already):

Save his back & keep him styling with these front pocket wallets from The Grommet. Mr. Green saw these and immediately loved them. That’s rare so take it as a recommendation. 😉

Gifts for plant parents (or people who want to be):

Not too much you can say about growing your own Christmas tree! Other than maybe grow it in a big pot. This would be fun for kids of all ages.
Amaryllis are always perfect for Christmas.
These terracotta & clay pots are the most interesting & unique I’ve seen. I love the idea of the pots not sitting in water in the tray. I’m notorious for that.
Again with the up-cycled bottles! So cute for succulent lovers.

For your decorator friend (or the one that should seriously consider it):

Decorators & super swanky friends with loads of great taste can be hard to buy for. But I’ll tell you a secret… we love unique items, decorative but useful dishes, and all things shiny. Big score if you can get all 3 in 1 gift!

Blue & green woven baskets via Reflektion Design are this decorators fave. They’re art, they can be bread baskets, they can be catch alls (for keys & such)… anything you can imagine. Plus they’re gorgeous & handmade! LOVE.

Inspirational Gifts:

I really love this because it’s old school, but not. Perfect for people who still like to write things down.

Have something else in mind?

If you’re looking for gifts for someone very special, here are a few specials from retailers that I (& my mom, & Grandmother & sister) LOVE.  These are also perfect if you know anyone with a wedding or anniversary coming up…  

These are my absolute favorite wine glasses.  We use them for every holiday, birthday, anniversary and any other “special” occasion.

That’s my list of unique gifts for Christmas & beyond.  So if you’re still looking for a little something special I hope this gives you some ideas!

Happy shopping & Merry Christmas y’all!!

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