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Did you know – Designers also provide cleaning services? Kinda

People often think of interior designers as creatives who get to play around with textiles and furnishings.  Like playing with real life dollhouses.  And that may be partially true…. HOWEVER there are multiple facets of the job that not everyone realizes.  We are therapists, psychologists, movers, cleaners, seamsters… and the list goes on.  I want to highlight one of the most important parts of the interior designer’s job – CLEANING.

No project is complete until it is sparkling.  As a designer, whether at an event or in a client’s home, my goal is to leave the space better and cleaner than I found it.  Our clients don’t want to see anything remotely resembling a mess.  Clients want to see nothing more, or less, than the beautiful space they just paid you to create!

Here’s how I make completed spaces SPARKLE – sparkling CLEAN, that is:Cleaning Belt

  1. Get my cleaning “toolbelt” on.  It includes:
    1. All purpose cleanser (my heavy duty recipe below).
    2. Small scrub brush (toothbrush or dish brush)
    3. 2 microfiber cloths (1 for glass and mirrors and 1 for all other surfaces) & a few paper towels.
    4. Vacuum
  2. Work from high to low.  Clean all the overhead fixtures (if you haven’t already) and mirrors with a damp microfiber cloth.  Follow with a swipe of a dry paper towel.
  3. Wipe down all remaining surfaces with the other dry microfiber cloth.  In kitchens and baths, use the all purpose cleaner for counters, sinks, tubs, showers, floors.
  4. Clean the floor.  If there are any spots on the carpet, spray a tiny bit of the all purpose cleaner and blot it up with a paper towel. Stubborn stain – agitate it a bit with the scrub brush, then blot.
  5. VACUUM! And be anal about it.  Everybody loves vacuum cleaner tracks in carpet – it just screams CLEAN!

clean carpet

Oh and one last thing…. TAKE OUT THE TRASH.  Not their’s, YOUR’S.  No matter how much or how little, DO NOT leave any trash created by your install in or around the client’s home.  Take it with you, please.

Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner (this is a more powerful version of the original found here)

To a 32oz spray bottle, add 1/4 cup alcohol, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide.  Fill with water to about 28oz.  Add a capful or 2 of castile soap (or dish soap if you use that).  Shake it up and DONE.  In my experience, this will clean ANYthing, including ring around the collar!


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Did you know – Designers also provide cleaning services? Kinda

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