I have been”working” on some table legs for this table top that I purchased from a Pier 1 closing sale.  I tried these legs from Ikea, which are super cute but very lightweight and – silly me – did not fit the inner dimensions of my table top.

I tried buying stock bookcases, but again they were either too lightweight to be sturdy or not the right fit.

Finally I decided on making my own.  And since I love my power tools I was excited and ready to “git ‘er done”, as they say.  Except for 1 thing… drawing out the plans.  I’m not 1 for recreating the wheel and I just knew that I could find something that someone has already drawn up.  Enter the amazing Google search.  I found my plans!!

In the meantime, I lost a little motivation.  I sort of got so mesmerized by all the awesome woodworking plans that I totally lost focus.  But not before I mentioned (too many times) to my husband that I’d love to have a raised planter box that I didn’t have to build by myself or buy.  And that it would be so easy using materials & tools we already have and salvaging the wood from the deck we just pulled up.  Hint, hint, AND hint.


So while I slowly got started on the cuts for my table legs, he was busy printing the plans and prepping to build this raised planter box using plans from Ana White for me.  I love Ana White because she likes to use what she already has instead of just buying new, she’s resourceful.

I didn’t realize how serious my Mr. was until I walked into the garage to see this (please excuse the quality of the pictures – I was definitely NOT expecting this):

And then there was this conversation:

“Uhm, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m screwing these boards together.”

“Yah I see that.  Why?”

“You said you wanted a planter box.”

Yes, he got the hints! {Enter the analytical control freak perfectionist in me.}

“Sooo are you sure you have all your materials and tools handy?”

“Yep.  Finished getting ’em all together today.  Even went to a specialty store to get these threaded inserts.  You ever seen these?”

“Yah, but I’ve never used them except on pre-made furniture.  Why do you need those?”

“It was in the plans.”

“Oh, so you’re gonna drill for those, then screw into them and all that?  And why can’t you just use exterior wood screws?”


“Oh okay.  Well 1 last thing… you might want to lay that down on the ground.  It’ll be a little easier that way. Oh and here’s the level – in case you need it.  You need any help?”

“Nope, I got it.  Unless you just want to help.”

Of course I do, but instead I’ll just sit here and watch, ask questions, and take pictures.

I really like this planter box, the height and overall size is perfect.  It cost a grand total of $14 and it only took him a couple of hours – it might have been faster if I wasn’t there talking and snapping pics.  Maybe.

Now there are only a few little decisions to make:

  1. What’s the perfect spot for this little gem?
  2. What to plant?  Just herbs?  Try my hand at some serious veg?
  3. To paint or not to paint?  Or stain?
  4. Tile the bottom shelf?  Leave it natural?

Decisions, decisions.  That’s the hardest part.  Not that building the planter box wasn’t hard work – I wouldn’t know since DH got the hints and did it for me (BIG thanks!!!).

Update – 5/17/2016:  The decisions I needed to make have been made, either by default or by someone else.

Grandmother gardening
My 89 year old grandmother – pulling weeds and chewed on leaves in her backyard veggie garden.
  1. DH chose where to put the planter based on not wanting to block a clear view to the lake.  Putting it inline with the trees just added to an already slightly obscured view.  It’s an added bonus that this placement is perfect for the sprinklers to reach. SCORE!
  2. My 89 year old urban gardening grandma suggested what to plant based on what we eat lots of and what’s easy to grow.  In addition to what’s in the planter box, I also got some brussels sprouts and collard greens.  The sprouts will go in a container and grandmother says the collards will grow anywhere, so I’m thinking of incorporating them into the front landscape somehow.  Hopefully Mr. Tickles, the neighborhood pet rabbit, won’t get to them.  Do rabbits like collards?  Anyway, I also plan on planting some lettuce and celery in containers.
  3. No paint, no stain.  Just au naturel… just like me! 😉
  4. Okay, that shelf.  So… I was skeptical about that shelf – moisture, warping, bad bad things.  We decided to nix it and perhaps add a plank shelf, similar to the underside of the upper planter box.  Jury’s still out on that because I had the thought that I could still put my herbs underneath to keep everything nice, neat, and compact still with full sun.  If we put the shelf up, there won’t be enough space for that. The tomatoes don’t fit either way, so we’ll see.


So what do you think?  I think he did a great job.  I can’t wait to see what he builds next (and I do hope there is a next time)!  Until then, I guess I better get back on these table legs…

Update – 5/17/2016:  The table legs (that inspired this project) are almost built.  Please don’t judge me.  😐

We enjoyed growing some of our own food so much that we’ve even decided to build a bigger garden!

If you love this easy project as much as we do, PIN IT! And please share your gardening adventures & experiences with us!

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