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Fit is Fabulous! Really??

I recently made the mistake decision to ask my ex-football playing DH and current football playing college kid to help me “get my abs back in shape”.  They both had basically the same idea – do 200 ab exercises a day.  REALLY?  Uhm, no.  Boring and NO.  But since I am NOT closed minded I actually gave it a go – I did 100 ab exercises @ 5 sets of 20 reps, each targeting a different area.  The verdict…. Uhm, no.  Boring and no.

That was several weeks ago and any ideas they (or I) may have had were put on hold while I recouped and regrouped from a car accident.  Fast forward to this weekend and my kiddo seems to have decided that 3 weeks is plenty of time to have gotten over it.  Even though I am still emotional scarred and sad that I have to share a vehicle with him again.  🙁  No sympathy.

This kid randomly comes up to me and says “ok Mom, let’s work our abs real quick.”  WTH?!  In the words of Miss Quad, “side eye, honey”!  But 2 words caught my attention – REAL and QUICK.  And after about 60 seconds of him bugging the he** out of me, I conceded. 

He showed me what to do:

“200 (total) of these (reverse crunches) to the front and each side”.  I negotiated down to 100, crying about how “ya gotta start out slow and blah blah blah”.

So I did it and it took all of 2 minutes – less actually!  Perfect!  No time out of my day, quick and painless.

Are you SERIOUS right now?!
Are you SERIOUS right now?!

Except that it is NOT painless AT ALL.  In fact, it hurts to BREATHE.  I understand “no pain, no gain” but is this really worth it just to be able to say I can still rock my bikini?  The practical me says yes;  “not only will you rock that bikini, it’s healthy to stay in shape.  And since you are NOT going to take up jogging OR dieting, JUST DO IT.”

But the lazy me – the me that always ate/drank what she wanted and never had to work out and was lean enough that any “muscles” just naturally “appeared” – THAT me says “WTH are you serious right now?! Can’t I just get one of those ab belt things?  What about dancing, can I just dance?  Don’t talk to me, it hurts.”

 Ok I just need to take a deep breath and remember the goal….. but wait, did I mention that it HURTS to breathe?

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