Living the Green Life includes eating healthy food that tastes great too.  If you can't grow it yourself, then pick it yourself, cook it yourself, & enjoy it.  Grab a recipe or 2 for food I eat & feed my family, share some of your own, or just chat about what works & what doesn't when you're trying to eat healthy tasty food.

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    Lentil Salad with Garden Fresh Veg

    We’ve always eaten lots of vegetables but now I’m finding new ways to enjoy them fresh from the garden. This lentil salad recipe is a perfect way to get loads of protein, vitamins…

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    Easy Homemade Remoulade Sauce

    If you want the best tasting remoulade sauce you can find, you’ll have to make it yourself using this super easy homemade remoulade sauce recipe. Since 2009 I have been making my own…

  • Food

    Elegant & Easy Shrimp Ceviche Recipe

    About 6-7 years ago Mr. Green & I spent our anniversary weekend at the Four Seasons Houston. I planned dinner & cooking classes at Quattro where we learned to make a super easy…

  • Food

    Chicken & Kale Stuffed Manicotti

    I love anything stuffed or rolled. So when DH said he wanted chicken for dinner I couldn’t bring myself to make plain old chicken. Instead I used it to make an easy weeknight…

  • Food

    The Best Way To Cook Salmon

    My family & I love salmon. Baked salmon, sautéed salmon, grilled salmon, salmon patties/cakes/croquettes (or whatever you wanna call them), smoked salmon, salmon poke, ceviche, & of course sushi. We love it all.…

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    Mediterranean Chicken “Stoup”

    Hi foodie friends! Hopefully 2019 is still going strong for you! I rung in the new year in fine fashion, not too crazy, not boring – just perfect. Until last week. Last week…

  • Food

    Quick & Easy Weeknight Gumbo

    Quick, easy, & weeknight are NOT words associated with making a gumbo.  But yes, you read that title right and yes it is true that you can make a quick & easy gumbo…

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