Living the Green Life includes <a href="">eating healthy food</a> that tastes great too.  If you can't grow it yourself, then pick it yourself, cook it yourself, & enjoy it.  Grab a <a href="">recipe </a>or 2 for food I eat & feed my family, share some of your own, or just chat about what works & what doesn't when you're trying to eat healthy tasty food.

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    Hey Mikey!

    You that old trick of using cheese to get kids to eat just about anything?  I have never been a fan of doing that mainly because the cheese practically negates the goodness of any veggies we melt it on (ESPECIALLY if it’s any kind of processed cheese).  In fact, I much prefer to just cut up the cheese and serve it alongside some fresh veg and hope for the best.  I am lucky in that I do not have particularly picky children.  They’ll try just about anything once and only my youngest still has yet to conquer his texture issues. Nevertheless, I think I have found the trick to getting the kiddos to eat almost anything.  Ready…

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    Some milk and coooookies

    I’ve got my signature cake and now I think I’ve got my signature cookie…. Here they are in their simplest form – chewy sugar cookies. These are much easier than my oatmeal cookies but just as addictive. The difference is I can “embellish” these however I want. How do I know these are so yummy?  2 things: this pile of cookies was 3 times as high yesterday, and Grandmother wrapped about 10 of them in a paper napkin to take home with her last night. If Grandmother’s picky tail liked them enough to WRAP in a napkin AND she didn’t make them, TRUST that they must be good.  😉 I…