Living the Green Life includes <a href="">eating healthy food</a> that tastes great too.  If you can't grow it yourself, then pick it yourself, cook it yourself, & enjoy it.  Grab a <a href="">recipe </a>or 2 for food I eat & feed my family, share some of your own, or just chat about what works & what doesn't when you're trying to eat healthy tasty food.

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    Mashed “Potatoes”?

    I am always looking for ways to get more veggies into our diets.  We eat pretty healthy most of the time but can you really ever eat to many veggies?  It’s possible I guess, but I’ve never met anyone who does. I don’t have particularly particular children, but a couple of them DO ask a million questions like “what’s this?”, “what’s in it?” then proceed to smell things, pick it apart with the forks, etc, etc.  (So I guess those 2 are picky, but hey 50/50 ain’t too shabby).  Anyway since I am quite the old school mama, I usually end up saying “JUST EAT” and rolling my eyes!  (Dinnertime…

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    Special Occasion Dinner

    Made lobster for the first time for hubby’s birthday.  It was a big hit!  And since I went fancy with the food, I had to get fancy with the presentation too.  This was not a romantic dinner for 2, but a special dinner for the DH.  All the kids were sitting around the table with their “normal” plates of food looking like “how come WE don’t get THAT?!”  (In all fairness, they did get everything except the lobster and wine – they had Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy and juice instead.) I’ll reveal the secret about the mashed potatoes in another post…. stay tuned!

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    Hey Mikey!

    You that old trick of using cheese to get kids to eat just about anything?  I have never been a fan of doing that mainly because the cheese practically negates the goodness of any veggies we melt it on (ESPECIALLY if it’s any kind of processed cheese).  In fact, I much prefer to just cut up the cheese and serve it alongside some fresh veg and hope for the best.  I am lucky in that I do not have particularly picky children.  They’ll try just about anything once and only my youngest still has yet to conquer his texture issues. Nevertheless, I think I have found the trick to getting the kiddos to eat almost anything.  Ready…

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    Some milk and coooookies

    I’ve got my signature cake and now I think I’ve got my signature cookie…. Here they are in their simplest form – chewy sugar cookies. These are much easier than my oatmeal cookies but just as addictive. The difference is I can “embellish” these however I want. How do I know these are so yummy?  2 things: this pile of cookies was 3 times as high yesterday, and Grandmother wrapped about 10 of them in a paper napkin to take home with her last night. If Grandmother’s picky tail liked them enough to WRAP in a napkin AND she didn’t make them, TRUST that they must be good.  😉 I…