Finally trimmed down a little

So anyone who knows me knows that I have never been into long hair.  Even as a permie, I would allow my hair to grow only so long before cutting it almost completely off (think 90’s era Halle or Toni B. style).

My napptural style really is no different, EXCEPT that it is too easy to just let my hair grow.  Locs are (almost) effortless and after that first year or two, they take off like wildfire.  On top of that, it’s so easy to just throw them up in a pony, bun, or other updo when I don’t want to feel them on my neck, shoulders or back.


With my first set of locs, I was very deliberate and diligent about keeping them cut at a specific length.  But now with this set, I have just let them do their thing.  Well, I finally stopped and took a good look at my hair and I decided that a trim was LONG overdue…. literally.

I did not think to take a pic right after washing my hair but before the cut… that would have been a much more accurate comparison to the “after” shot.





So after a good massaging wash, out came the camera and out came the scissors.  I took the following pic when I thought I was done.  Pictures help us DIYers so much; they give us perspective we just can’t get from eyeballing it with or without a mirror!


This is just about the length I’m going for, maybe slightly shorter.  Long enough to still rock my updos and do a pony in a pinch, but not so long that it gets all caught up in any garment I have to pull over my head.  😉

Not quite done, but about 98% there – feels lighter already!








Retwist…. ahhhh feels SO good!  I was planning to do some pruning as well, but after retwisting, I decided I don’t even need it!  

Plus pruning would have taken the rest of the already half gone Saturday – maybe next time.  My hair and head were already feeling great!  Love, love, love.

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  1. Trying to get better at twisting my youngest child’s hair. We’re not doing locs, but just a nice twist to last a couple of weeks. She has natural hair and it’s coming along, but it takes so much work. Still working on the best products to use on her hair also. Perhaps, you can offer advice on that area. It is so much out there.

    1. Hmmm, I may have to do a post about kids’ hair. Theirs is the best to work with because it hasn’t been through too many changes yet, so for sure simpler is better for kids.
      For my own daughter, we just use a very mild shampoo (Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap actually), and a mixture of coconut oil with either EVOO or castor oil (just because her’s gets so dry). Her twists usually last about a week – she’s 9 and we keep her pretty active when she’s here. And when we take them out, her “twist out” looks SO cute… for about a day! 😉