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Monochromatic Blue Bedroom

My latest project was for a client’s bedroom that went from this:

Bedroom before
The Bedroom Before



To this:

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom – After

My client already had a very nice furniture set that she did not want touched (not even the hardware). So this install was all about space planning and textiles.  Luckily she was open to doing something different with her floor plan!

Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry.  The silk curtains were supposed to hang ceiling to floor from evenly spaced finial style hardware.  We got up there and realized that the ceiling was not not even, nor were the angles on each side.  Hanging the curtains the way we wanted to would have been beautiful in pictures, but NOT AT ALL practical.  They were too heavy and the sheer gravity of them would have been too much.  So we had to mount them traditionally; thank goodness this client loves lots of natural light, so she was just fine with leaving the arch exposed.


The Details

The Bedding & Window Treatments

Monochromatic Blue Bedroom - Linens

Mixing textures and patterns becomes even more important in monochromatic color schemes. It’s key to bringing depth, dimension, and interest to a space.  In this case, shades of blue, beige, and brown are repeated in elements of cotton, linen, quilted cotton, and silk.




Houstonians have a love hate relationship with ceiling fans.  They are a necessity for the hot humid weather; very functional but often not the best looking option for lighting and air flow UNLESS you go high end (i.e. high dollar).  Alternative – change out the blades & hardware (if possible) and definitely consider changing the shades over the bulbs.

Modified ceiling fan – added a drum shade to the light kit.




Armoires are the ultimate storage chameleons. This one is used for TV storage up top and clothing below.  Coupled with her highboy dresser, she has all the folded clothing storage she needs. Storage


Another successful install and happy client!

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Monochromatic Blue Bedroom

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