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One Kings Lane ~ Head Over Heels for Chaises

Lately in the fashion and business world, there’s been a lot of talk of the “personal style uniform”.  You know, having a basic signature style outfit that makes you YOU and that makes it easy to buy key pieces for daily dress.  You wear essentially the same style everyday and just switch up your accessories and your shoes to take it to the next level.

Well would you believe it if I said that our homes’ styles are no different than our own?  If you’ve found your design style and tastes, then looking around your home you notice a theme.  The same basic style with accessories and special pieces that take each space to the next level.  One such piece is the chaise lounge!

A Chaise is Like a Great Pair of Shoes

I have always loved a good chaise so I was excited and totally ready for the challenge when I was contacted to participate in the One Kings Lane Head Over Heels for Chaises campaign!

When I really thought about the ultimate chaise lounge I would choose at this stage in my life that was all about me (not storage or any other practicality), I found I had a hard time choosing.  Just like SHOES!  Imagine that!

First I was drawn to this one because I LOVE a good tuft!  And the front legs are so shapely and perched up like a perfect high heel!  She’s so super pretty!  But is it “the 1”?

Somerset Tufted Linen Chaise - One King's Lane Somerset Tufted Linen Chaise – One Kings Lane


And then I spotted this beauty!  Talk about BODY perched up on curvey high heels!  Seriously, did you catch those back legs?!

Montclaire Velvet Chaise - One Kings Lane Montclaire Velvet Chaise – One Kings Lane


In the end, I decided that if I could top off any space with any chaise, it would be this Louis XV-Style Chaise Longue from One Kings Lane.  She’s long, she’s lean, and she’s so loaded with style it makes me giddy!  And she looks AMAZING with her curved lines, padded seat, shiny jet black frame and gold accents.

Louis XV-Style Chaise Longue - One King's Lane Louis XV-Style Chaise Longue – One Kings Lane


This chaise is a lot like my favorite flats, 1 of only a handful that I own, that are my go to pair when I want to be uber stylish without heels.  Imagine all black everything except a colorful scarf and these comfy little ladies! Everytime I wear them, my DH says I look all fancy and sassy.
Just like this chaise!  Fancy & sassy but super comfortable, makes everything else pop, and becomes the star by elevating the entire ensemble!  I’m in chaise (and shoe) love!

If you’re looking at your room thinking “it’s nice, but it just needs a little something” consider a chaise lounge.  It just may become the best seat in the house.

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Until next time...Enjoy!


  • Mari

    I agree! I have one in my bedroom and I love it! I read, watch movies on my IPad and nap on it often. I feel like the Queen I am lol whenever I lay on it xo for share 🙂

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One Kings Lane ~ Head Over Heels for Chaises

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