One Kings Lane ~ Head Over Heels for Chaises

Lately in the fashion and business world, there’s been a lot of talk of the “personal style uniform”. ¬†You know, having a basic signature style outfit that makes you YOU and that makes it easy to buy key pieces for daily dress. ¬†You wear essentially the same style everyday and just switch up your accessories and your shoes to take it to the next level.

Well would you believe it if I said that our homes’ styles are no different than our own? ¬†If you’ve found your design style and tastes, then looking around your home you notice a theme. ¬†The same basic style with accessories and special pieces that take each space to the next level. ¬†One such piece is the chaise lounge!

A Chaise is Like a Great Pair of Shoes

I have always loved a good chaise so I was excited and totally ready for the challenge when I was contacted to participate in the One Kings Lane Head Over Heels for Chaises campaign!

When I really thought about the ultimate chaise lounge I would choose at this stage in my life that was all about me (not storage or any other practicality), I found I had a hard time choosing.  Just like SHOES!  Imagine that!

First I was drawn to this one because I LOVE a good tuft! ¬†And the front legs are so shapely and perched up like a perfect high heel! ¬†She’s so super pretty! ¬†But is it “the 1”?

Somerset Tufted Linen Chaise - One King's Lane Somerset Tufted Linen Chaise – One Kings Lane


And then I spotted this beauty!  Talk about BODY perched up on curvey high heels!  Seriously, did you catch those back legs?!

Montclaire Velvet Chaise - One Kings Lane Montclaire Velvet Chaise – One Kings Lane


In the end, I decided that if I could top off any space with any chaise, it would be this¬†Louis XV-Style Chaise Longue from One Kings Lane. ¬†She’s long, she’s lean, and she’s so loaded with style it makes me giddy!¬† And she looks AMAZING with her curved lines, padded seat, shiny jet black frame and gold accents.

Louis XV-Style Chaise Longue - One King's Lane Louis XV-Style Chaise Longue – One Kings Lane


This chaise is a lot like my favorite flats, 1 of only a handful that I own, that are my go to pair when I want to be uber stylish without heels.  Imagine all black everything except a colorful scarf and these comfy little ladies! Everytime I wear them, my DH says I look all fancy and sassy.
Just like this chaise! ¬†Fancy & sassy but super comfortable, makes everything else pop, and becomes the star by elevating the entire ensemble! ¬†I’m in chaise (and shoe) love!

If you’re looking at your room thinking “it’s nice, but it just needs a little something” consider a chaise lounge. ¬†It just may become the best seat in the house.

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  1. I agree! I have one in my bedroom and I love it! I read, watch movies on my IPad and nap on it often. I feel like the Queen I am lol whenever I lay on it xo for share ūüôā

    1. You’re a lucky lady Mari! One day I’ll take the plunge, until then I’ll just have daydream about it…. Ha, even that would be better on a chaise!