20 Nuggets About Nikki

Here are 20 random nuggets about me, some of these things are known by some people, some are known by none.  Now you them all.

  1. I am not a morning person.
  2. I am not a late night person.
  3. 3 is my line number.
  4. I am a friendly introvert.
  5. I am not fond of large crowds and am at my best in smaller groups or alone.
  6. In any given place, I have to know where all possible exits are located.  I get anxious otherwise.
  7. I am a nonconformist, but cannot be called bohemian.
  8. I am very spiritual, but not necessarily very “religious”.
  10. I LOVE TO EAT – a lot!
  11. I am a bit of a beer connoisseur.  Well, I can’t really “judge” them and am certainly no expert, but I DO enjoy a good beer and like trying new ones.
  12. I always wished I had been named after my great-grandmother.
  13. It took me over 30 years to accept and love ME – MY skin, MY hair, MY body “skinny legs and all” (as my grandma always says).
  14. I am not very girly, although I DO love shoes and have a newfound obsession with nail polish.
  15. I am fascinated by (power) tools.
  16. I am intensely afraid of dogs and snakes; except small dogs that don’t jump very high or bark too much.  Anyway, I’m scared of dogs and snakes.
  17. I am a person of many faces, most of which I don’t even know I’m making!
  18. My life TRULY began on 4/12/1994.  Everything before that was just a mess of stuff and not having a clue about who I really was.
  19. My favorite place on Earth is….HOME. 😀

What’s Your 20?


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About me

I love food & wine, paint & power tools. I am a creative introvert, programmer turned decorator, wife and mom, & mental health advocate. I am the decorator owner of Xtraordinary by Design. My mission - rid the world of builder beige & furniture sets.

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7 Responses

  1. iamtarabuck says:

    I can relate to #10! I enjoy eating, good food with good friends.

  2. Albert says:

    I knew all 20 🙂

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