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Space Planning 101

Take a look at this remix that proves we don’t have to use rooms for the sole purpose for which they were built. Sometimes space planning and thinking outside the walls (ceiling included) are (almost) all that’s necessary.

Before (1)
Layout Before – Empty formal living room and cramped formal dining room

This room is large,  but the 8 seater dining table is squeezed into what is intended to be the dining room and the rest of the space is unused.

Formal Living Room & Dining Room Remix
Formal Dining & Living Room

By moving the dining area to the opposite side of the room, the space was opened up and allowed room for (2) cozy and sophisticated sitting areas. This required me to change/remove the lighting and creatively delineate the two spaces.

The rug is undersized for the table and the area feels cramped with little room to walk around or linger at the table after a large family meal.

What was meant to be the formal dining room was better suited for a relaxing sitting room/parlor. Removing the chandelier was integral to taking away that dining room feel.

The sitting room, or parlor, is anchored by an almost luminous area rug. A settee was added to accentuate the space and provide more seating. Upcycled lamps, a refreshed antique side table and chairs (near and dear to the client), and canvas artwork complete the space.

The other side of the room was vast and empty. It immediately stood out as the perfect space for dining – still easily accessible from the kitchen, but with much more space to move about and enjoy large family dinners.

To create a subtle delineation for the dining room, the blue silk draperies were made custom with a cream banded bottoms. The ceiling fan with light kit was removed and ambient lighting provided via wall lamps (the cords are wrapped in the same cream silk as the drapes).

Another happy client ready for Easter entertaining!

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Space Planning 101

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