Carpet ~ 4th House on the Right
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    Simplify your (green) cleaning

    Use these 2 green cleaning recipes for everything in your home and save time and money. You’ll never go back spending a mint on the chemical + water concoctions. Super Duty Cleanser (suitable for everything except wood; wood and alcohol are NOT friends) 1-2 capfuls drops of liquid castile soap 1/4 C alcohol 1/4 C hydrogen peroxide 5-10 drops of lemon or peppermint essential oil (optional) Pour the alcohol and peroxide into a large spray bottle and fill (almost to the fill line) with water. Add the castile soap last and shake it up (so you won’t get lots of bubbles). It’s ready to use on practically anything! Spot remover…

  • The Green Life

    The Power of Peroxide

    In my Mean Green Cleaning post, I listed 3% hydrogen peroxide as a strong (but gentle) stain remover for the off chance that the all purpose cleaner did not fully work.  This post is dedicated to the power of peroxide.  (Mouse over the pics for a description.) ***** DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS test peroxide in an inconspicuous area first.  You may also have to “rinse” the area with a little water (use a squirt bottle) after using the peroxide.  And last but not least, DO NOT douse your carpet (with any liquid).  For me, the trick to this working is to use a very light sprinkling or misting of peroxide and repeat…