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    Black History is Our History

    Hi again friends & neighbors!  While we are all celebrating OUR history, Black history this month & always, I am reflecting on my family’s personal history, legacy, and future. First a little backstory……

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    Let’s Talk About Self-Worth

    Hey there friends. Today let’s consider that a truly healthy sense of self-worth is more than a head trip. Self-worth requires more than repeating flowery affirmations to convince ourselves that we believe certain…

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    Taking A Step Into Self-love & Acceptance

    Good morning friends. Today let’s consider that it’s difficult to be around people who are trying to be perfect—perfectly healthy, perfectly polite, perfectly poised, perfectly controlled. Remember that being human means being imperfect,…

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    Do You Know The Face Of Mental Illness?

    Every year during Mental Health Awareness Month, I write about some aspect of mental health – being an advocate, getting involved, taking the pledge, volunteering.  It’s the last day of May & I haven’t done…

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    Use Your Gifts to Serve Others

    In a women’s forum I attend, we recently talked about how people will question everything you do – from your choices in fashion to your family to your career. One of the ladies…