Hi Friends! I have something very special to share with you! For the first time in 4 years I’m doing a blog hop! I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing friends through blogging & social media and I feel honored to share their journeys with you!

Welcome to the Punch Bowl Social Blog Hop!

This is a really fun 1 because it’s taking us back to our blogging roots, so to speak. Meet my talented blogger friends & learn all about why they blog + how they got started. Continue reading for deets on my blogging journey.

Meet The Bloggers

As pictured we have…

You may have noticed that I called out Jamala as the original creator. That’s because she used to host what she called a Punch Bowl Social that we’re now doing as an online version! This is so great because we are from all across the country AND around the globe coming together to share our diverse stories!

As I always say, come on in, grab a drink & let’s visit for a while!

A little about me.

I’m a wife, mom, new-ish Yaya (grandmom) and I run a small business, Xtraordinary by Design. I am primarily the owner & designer, but together my family & I provide IT support, graphic & web design, and are working on community investments. We’re trying to leave a legacy y’all!

My family: Hubby, Avery (our youngest), me with Baby Isaiah, Nana (my mom), Jibri (our oldest & Isaiah’s dad)

I started this little blog in 2013 after being told that my business absolutely needed it & would not thrive without it. But I have a confession….

I had a personal blog since back in the days of Geocities & MySpace. Yah… go google that! I’m sure some of that content is floating around somewhere but thank goodness it’s not easy to find!

Fast forward to 2013, I had no idea how to blog about my business. As an interior designer it didn’t quite click that I could write about my work until I realized that people actually could learn from what I do, save money, & maybe even find a hobby or learn a new skill.

Once I got out of my own head, I was able to share all the things I love through blogging including writing & storytelling. And my content would usually come from questions people would ask me in real life! And since helping others is at the core of what I do & who I am, I’d say that’s a sure sign that blogging is SO worth it!

Even though it started out as an interior design blog, it turned into so much more. And quick too! People loved design advice & DIYs but started asking more “personal” questions. And so it became a full on lifestyle blog about all the things we make/build/paint/grow/cook/eat/drink/DO!

I added the “musings/thoughts & inspiration section” as a way to blow off steam, talk about current events, share my mental health story so people know they’re not alone, and provide a little encouragement & inspiration. Some of those posts are my most loved

Why do I continue to blog in a post social media era?

One of the biggest reasons is what you’ll hear all the business coaches say/write – to own my own data. Social media has loads of advantages – in fact, I would not have met many of the beautiful ladies in this Punch Bowl Social Blog Hop without it!

At the same time, without my blog I would lose contact with others who are not on any social media platforms & don’t care to be. And let me tell you… there is no greater feeling than when a subscriber sends a message, text, or calls saying they “saw the post about ___! That was so good, how can I do {blah}?!”

I mean we actually talk & connect!

And in terms of business, yes I do get clients from my little blog (I don’t really get that from SM). I never really expected that but it’s definitely an added bonus!

Why is my blog called “4th House on the Right”?

4th House on the Right

The short answer from my about page

Mr. Green is really into astrology and I did find it interesting that he lives in the 4th Astrological House which “refers to the home and everything in it”.   Even more interesting that aside from my own 11th Astrological House I identify most with his, personally and in our design business.
Now that we are 1, we live in the 4th House on the Right, literally. 1. When you get directions to our home, after turning onto our street we are the 4th house on the right! 2. This is the 4th home (collectively) that we’ve owned. 3. The astrology I just talked about.

We are on a journey to living The Green Life – living & providing a more holistic & sustainable lifestyle, at home and in business, without sacrificing ANYthing. As a holistic & sustainable interior designer, the very best way I can help others live that lifestyle is to share how we live it – that’s what this blog is all about!

Have a look around & come back anytime!

And don’t forget to check out my blogger friends!

Thanks for bringing us all together Jamala!

Chantelle | Tiffany | Nikki | Linda | Maria | Maggie | Jamala |Felicia

Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Nikki! What a wonderful story to read. I remember when we connected, your warm and charming personality drew me in. I enjoy watching your cooking videos (you make cooking look so easy yummy). It’s been a true pleasure knowing you and i look forward to our continued connection. Thank you again for participating and creating that spark to host a social hop. I hope we get the pleasure of meeting someday.. until then, I’ll see you on the web.

    1. I’m anxiously awaiting an in person Punch Bowl Social! We’ll get there but until then… I appreciate YOU! Thanks so much for putting this together 💕

  2. That was so cool to find out the meaning behind your blog’s name! So cool! It’s been great connecting with you via this blog hop and I look forward to reading more from you. ❤️

  3. Nikki, it was great reading your post and getting to know your story. The nerd in me loves how you formatted it LOL. Also, I’m with you about why it’s still good to have a blog in this social media age. Looking forward to seeing you on my timeline and inbox. xo.

    1. Hey Chantelle! Thank you so much. Blogging is really fun & yes it’s important to keep your data & subs!

      Plus it’s a fun outlet that can help others! I’m so glad you joined the hop. 💕