We Texans love our Tex-Mex & Mexican foods! 3 staples you will find in practically every kitchen here are salsa, guacamole, & salsa verde. All 3 are are quick & easy to make IF you keep it simple!

homemade salsa verde recipe pin

This is the only salsa verde recipe you’ll ever need! 5 ingredients + some seasoning + 5 minutes = Deliciously Done!

BONUS: it’s pretty much the same recipe for salsa.

BONUS #2: once you make salsa, you have the base for the best guacamole ever! Just add smashed avocados.

Salsa verde recipe ingredients

5 simple ingredients:

  • fresh tomatillos
  • fresh cilantro
  • 1/4 c onions, roughly chopped
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 hot pepper, roughly chopped (your choice – serrano, jalapeño, tabasco, etc. depends how hot you want it)

Now comes the fun part!

Put everything in your food processor or blender & chop until you reach your desired consistency. Season with salt & pepper at the very least. I like to add my smokey seasoning or Nik’s Mexican Blend. You could also add a little acid with lemon or lime juice.

Making your own food is so great because it’s completely customizable! My family loves chunky salsa that’s got a good kick so I don’t blend smoothly as I’ve seen others do. And I always add hot peppers in my salsa verde recipe even though it’s completely optional.

Once you’re done blending, pour your salsa verde into a container & enjoy! I like to reuse glass containers from the grocery store – less waste & they’re usually the perfect size.

A quick note on peppers. Not all are super hot. You can easily pick one with less heat, like the serranos I used this time. You can even use hot peppers and remove all the seeds. That way you get all the flavor & not the heat.

To make tomato salsa, use this salsa verde recipe & switch out the tomatillos for roma, plum, or cherry tomatoes.

To make the easiest & tastiest guac, make the salsa then just add it to smashed avocados. How easy is that!

One last tip… if you want to store this in the fridge for a period of time, add food grade citric acid as a preservative. It’s completely natural & works like a charm.

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