Every new year we go all out organizing, de-cluttering, re-arranging all the things. High on most of our to-do lists is to get the most used (& most disorganized) spaces in order. Since so many of us have been working from home full-time over the last couple of years, the home office tops the list of rooms to tackle (2nd to kitchens & bathrooms).

I have loads of information on how to get organized in the office, but today I want to share how to use Feng Shui & Pher Ankh create your perfect office space that’s as pretty as it is productive.

First off, what is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a way of arranging a space to be more in line with nature based on ancient Chinese methods . It uses elements of nature to create zones that amplify various areas of life such as success, wealth, relationships, community, productivity and more.

What is Pher Ankh?

Pher Ankh is a way of decorating a space to increase abundance all areas of your life – success, health, wealth, beauty. Rooted in ancient African principles, it uses all elements of logic – math, science, nature, etc. – to create decorating systems that work for any indoor or outdoor space.

When I arrange a room or garden, I like to use a hybrid of these 2 methods to create a unique space that works for the individual (whether that’s me or a client). Here’s how I did just that in my home office.

How To Use Feng Shui & Pher Ankh To Create Your Perfect Office Space

1. The very first thing is to consider the overall room.

I happen to have a dedicated office, but if I didn’t, I’d choose a shared room that is NOT my bedroom if at all possible. Find out why in this post.

2. Before anything goes in, assess the space.

If you are using a shared room, think about what all it needs to be used for & divide it into zones. If it’s a dedicated room, consider the items that you need in your office keeping in mind that simpler is better. You don’t need to bring anything in that’s not absolutely necessary.

3. Consider color

An office space should strike a balance between calming & invigorating. Choose a color that you love that will spark productive energy. Subtle blues are a good choice – a mid level blue (not too light or too dark) is peaceful (perfect for productivity) yet powerful (great for getting s**t done!). Blue also represents knowledge & dependability in many cultures.

Office Space

4. Start Arranging

The most important piece of furniture in any office is the desk. Choose a simply designed desk in a neutral color and always keep it desk as clean as possible to minimize distractions & give yourself space to create. My white desk represents creativity.

It should be in the “power position”. Front & center is best if you have the space – place a free standing desk such that you are facing the entrance of the room with a solid flat wall behind you.

Your desk chair should be comfortable but stylish and mobile if possible. It’s also a great piece to have fun with & bring in some color.

In this way, you can always see what’s coming into your space (abundance), what’s going out, and you have a strong foundation (provided by the wall behind).

If that’s not possible, here’s a few other options:

  1. put your desk in front of a window
  2. put the desk against a flat wall and
  3. use a mirror placed so that it reflects the entrance so you can still see what’s coming

Here’s what not to do – avoid these desk placement mistakes at all costs:

  1. do NOT put your desk in a corner unless it’s an actual corner desk. The open space between the desk & the wall creates space for things to fall through which represents things not getting done, starting & not finishing, or being lost & forgotten.
  2. do NOT arrange your desk so that your back is in a corner. This is literally the equivalent of being backed into a corner which represents a lack of option and no space to be creative or productive in solving problems.
The library & office space

5. Start layering

Start to bring in items that you absolutely need in your office. Choose wisely where you put furniture based on how you work.

Put storage furniture within reach so supplies are easy access & always as organized as possible.

Buy or create storage boxes to help keep things contained. Have a place for everything & everything in it’s place.

I like to have an extra chair or 2 in case anyone needs to come in to talk with me. I also use a chair with a small table or nightstand to do my morning Bible reading in my office.

6. Decorate intentionally!

Both Feng Shui & Pher Ankh go beyond just decorating for the sake of pretty. They use nature & logic to dictate where decorative items should be placed & what colors should be used based on what you want to accomplish.

For example, in my office I have:

  1. An old school black Remington typewriter toward the entrance (on the north side of the room) representing the career area.
  2. An orange secretary in the southern sector representing fame.
  3. A wedding photo & gallery wall in the southwest sector with a wood table representing family.
  4. A plant or 2 for some fresh greenery representing growth, family, & health.

Of course you should always choose to decorate with items that make you feel amazing, not matter what.

With these tips you’ll have a blueprint to follow if you get stuck but don’t treat it as something that has to be followed to the T. Always remember my golden rule of decorating… Have fun & enjoy the process!

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