I believe that our homes should be our sanctuary, whether it’s a sprawling mansion or a small apartment. A lot of people think they need more space, that it’s easier to live in & decorate. But it can be much easier & more fun to decorate a small apartment, home, or any room so that it’s beautifully functional & creative!

Sometimes, the larger the room is, the more “cold” it can seem. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, you can feel like the whole space needs to be filled up.

Neither of these options is better than the other.

The great thing about smaller homes & apartments is that they can force you to create more efficient & comfy cozy spaces.

Just keep in mind that it’s all about how you live NOT about following any “rules”. As a matter of fact… let’s just break all. Of. Those! And talk about…

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How to Decorate a Small Apartment, Home, or Space

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I’m not selling anything, I just love to share my tips from my journey to living a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Don’t be scared to go big!

When you’re choosing furniture, don’t be afraid to go for a large scale item or 2. Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean you have to settle for dollhouse furniture.

Try a sectional or an overstuffed sofa in the living room with a well placed smaller scale chair or 2. It will feel much more cozy than a smaller loveseat, futon, or “apartment sized” sofa. Plus you’ll have plenty of seating (& even extra sleeping space) for all those guests you’re about to have over!

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2. Add color.

Color can do so much to customize any space. You can certainly ask your property manager if you have permission to paint. If so, great – go for it!

It doesn’t have to be the whole apartment or even an entire room. Consider an accent wall. (YES those are still a thing!) Done well, an accent wall can be just as great or even better than painting a whole room.

3. Can’t paint? No problem.

When you are trying to decorate a small apartment you might have to think outside the box paint can. If you’re lucky, your property manager will welcome any added designer touches. For the rest of us, they’ll just charge you an arm, leg, & a couple of fingernails to keep the place cookie cutter.

In that case, you have to think about other ways to decorate a small apartment, especially if you love color. Think about hanging fabric you love or large scale art. Another great way to bring in color is in your furniture. Instead of the standard neutrals, go for a big pop of color in your accent pieces, window treatments, & textiles (throw pillows & throws).

4. Add texture.

So color is not your thing? Or just not in big doses. I would just say… don’t be scared! We can work on that. But until you get there, try a little texture.

Bring in a simple pillow (cover) or throw with some serious texture or a little color. Or both!

5. FUN-ction, function, function.

This is HUGE. Space planning, next to color, is my thing. I mean I LOVE IT. Clients expect it, family expects it, it’s what I do.

I design for beauty & functionality. So of course I’m gonna tell you to make sure your space is totally functional. It does you no good otherwise. The whole world can say it’s an amazing place. But if you don’t love it & it doesn’t function for you, wellllll…. what good is it?

6. Create zones.

Creating a nook is a great way to add functionality & the illusion of space (if you care about that sort of thing). Any corner (windowsill or any other empty space) can become a reading nook if you like to read, a music space, or even a little office nook.

With proportional furnishings, art, color or whatever you love, creating a nook can do wonders for your space AND your well being.

7. Think outside the box… err, square.

Give curved & round furniture a chance. I’m not saying go get a curved sofa or a round bed.

No. Just no.

But DO consider that rounded furnishings do a couple of things:

  1. Provide good flow & good chi. It’s much easier to move & position round tables, for example in a ways that don’t restrict the natural “traffic flow” in common areas.
  2. Even in nooks & corners, demilune & round tables kind of expand the space AND are more interesting than a square.

Just so you know… I do not live in a small home, although some of the rooms are. BUT part of our 8 year plan is to ditch the house & brave “tiny home” living. (Whatever that means by Texas standards.)

Interestingly, I find myself craving & creating more cozy areas of our own home. Works in some rooms, others no so much. My point is that it really can be much easier & more fun to decorate a small apartment, home, or any space for that matter.

So next time your feeling a little “stuck”, come back here for some ideas – you can pin it below. Or feel free drop me a line or leave a comment for even more ideas.

Are you struggling to make your small apartment feel like home? Make it your sanctuary with these designer approved tips to decorate a small apartment, home, or room.

Thanks for reading!! 💕

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