Moving Through, Moving On & Growing

Hi friends!

Today let’s consider how long are we going to hold on to the things that are not working in our best interests? Things that are not fulfilling? Things that are no longer productive?

How long are we going to overdo, over-give, or overindulge, trying to convince ourselves and others that we are worthy?

Perhaps today is as good a day as another to let go of others and grab onto our Self. Perhaps today is the day that we will find the courage and the strength to start being worthy. 

Life is not about doing what will make others believe we are worthy. Nor is it about denying ourselves to make others feel better. 

Life is about moving through, moving on, growing up and growing through each and every experience.

Life is about examination, elimination and re-creation.

Today is the only day we have to examine our lives, to make some adjustments and changes, so that we can take full advantage of the opportunities this day offers.

Today sure seems like a good day! Much love!

~~Chaplain Roger Ward

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