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It’s a quote about education, but I think it applies to the person as a whole. To life overall. What does it have to do with design?

Why is interior design & decorating so important?

It’s the same reason your wardrobe, hair, & overall external appearance is important. It’s your first impression.  When you look good, you feel good. You walk a little taller, smile a little brighter, & look people in the eye when you feel good because you look good. For me personally, heels make me feel powerful & sexy.

Having a home that reflects your style in the same way has the same effect but on a larger scale.  Your home affects so many things from your personal well-being to your family’s well-being to how you feel about inviting people in.

So it is said to invest in yourself. Investing in your home means investing in yourself & your family.


Come in, grab a drink & let’s visit for a while!

Hey y’all, I’m N’Ckyola [ní-ˈkō-lä].  Nice to meet you.

I’m a southern girl & a creative introvert who loves food & wine, paint & power tools.

My family & I are on a journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle, at home & at work, without sacrificing style or flavor.  And I’m showing my friends, family, & clients that they can do it too!

I’m also on a mission to rid the world of builder beige & furniture sets – 1 home at a time.

Here’s my story…

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