Following up on my Living Room Layout Guide I wanted to show you a practical way to create a beautiful sustainable living room.

Sustainable Living Rooms

There are 3 things I always hear when it comes to sourcing an eco-friendly home:

1. It’s hard to find great looking items that are “sustainable”

Shopping sustainably isn’t as hard as it seems.

Believe it or not, there are retailers large & small, well-known & hidden gems that are dedicated to environmental & social responsibility.  I’ll bet that some of the retailers you already buy from have some sort of policy in place or specific product lines that are eco-friendly to some degree.

2. Eco-friendly furniture & home decor is more expensive or won’t fit in my budget

Sometimes.  But beyond thrifting, buying eco-friendly doesn’t have to be any more expensive than traditional furniture & decor.  A few ways to save are to

  • Watch for sales
  • Sign up for newsletters from favorite retailers who have eco-friendly product lines
  • Use your resources – if you have a decorator friend, ask her or him.  If you don’t, ask me.  I’ll be your friend. (Smile.)

3. I don’t want a living room full of reclaimed wood & burlap

Me either.  I mean a bit of wood here & there is good for Feng Shui, but I get it.  A room full of reclaimed wood, live edge wood, or any other wood is a bit much for most people, even for the farmhouse lovers.  And let’s not get started with burlap – it has its place & following, but not all over my living room.

The good news is there are so many materials (glass, metals, concrete, natural stone) & fabrics (bamboo, cotton, hemp, linen, wool (unless you’re vegan)) that are sustainable and responsibly sourced.

Still on the fence?  Watch this… then check out the sources below.

How to Create a Beautiful Sustainable Living Room

Shop the look:

Joybird Aime

West Elm Smythe Occasional Chair | West Elm Cast Tripod Side Table

West Elm Silhouette Table Lamp | West Elm Petite Arc Lamp

Williams-Sonoma Home Kate Slipper Chair

Modern Nature Design Surface Rug

VivaTerra Nesting Tables | Shop VivaTerra’s Full Collection of Furniture.

Here’s another example of a more casual sustainable living room.

Same room, different floors & furnishings, different needs & uses.  Mutli-funtional.

 Sustainable Living Room - Casual Cool

Shop the look:

Joybird Price

Reflektion Design Pillows | C&B Trevino Throw PillowC&B Multi-Dot Throw

Horchow “Frost on Sapphire” | Uttermost ‘Jeremiah’ Round Wooden Wall Mirror

West Elm Duo Side Table | Pottery Barn Bartlett Coffee Table

Ikea Kullaberg Desk | C&B HarveyChair |  C&B Sylvester Lamp

World Market Multicolor Wool and Recycled Silk Pouf | World Market Emerson Rug

VivaTerra Handcarved Twisty StoolShop VivaTerra’s Full Collection of Furniture.

There’s no shortage of eco-friendly home decor & furniture options.  The key is knowing where to look, how to save, & who to ask.

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