Being grateful for each day

“Beyond self-respect & self-care, we need to put time into our day for nourishing and enriching our spirits.”

Hello my friends. Today, let’s consider that what we do is important because we’re exchanging a day of our lives for it.

We show self-respect in how we choose to spend our time. Do we give tasks the time required for our best efforts? Or do we feel unworthy of quality work? Do we have a right to stop working and just play?

Are we worth spending time with – just ourselves, or do we feel that meaningful time is only spent with others? Are we worth caring enough about to enjoy bathing, grooming, or getting haircuts? Do we care enough about ourselves to see a dentist or a physician when needed?

Choices about how we use our time are basic ethical and creative choices.

Beyond self-respect and care, we need to put time into our day for nourishing and enriching our spirits. We do that by reading something thoughtful or meaningful, talking to a friend about the events and feelings of our lives, listening to music, fixing a pleasant meal, exercising, and giving unpaid time and energy to worthwhile causes.

Today, let’s be grateful for the gift of another day, and let’s live it creatively and respectfully! Many blessings and much love!

Chaplain Roger Ward

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