Letting go is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical process that gives our Higher Power and the Universe permission to send us what we’re meant to have.

Today let’s consider this conversation:
“How much do we need to let go of?” a friend asked one day.
“I’m not certain,” I replied, “but maybe everything.”

Letting go is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical process, a sometimes mysterious metaphysical process of releasing to our Higher Power and the Universe that which we are clinging to so tightly.

We let go of our grasp on people, outcomes, ideas, feelings, wants, needs, desires—everything.
We let go of trying to control our progress in recovery and healing.

Yes, it’s important to acknowledge and accept what we want and what we want to happen. But it’s equally important to follow through by letting go.

Letting go is the action part of faith. It is a behavior that gives our Higher Power and the Universe permission to send us what we’re meant to have.

Letting go means we acknowledge that hanging on so tightly isn’t helping to solve the problem, change the person, or get the outcome we desire. It isn’t helping us.

In fact, we learn that hanging on often blocks us from getting what we want and need. Who are we to say that things aren’t happening exactly as they need to happen?

There is magic in letting go. Sometimes we get what we want soon after we let go. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes the specific outcome we desire doesn’t happen. Something better does.
Letting go sets us free and connects us to our Source. Letting go creates the optimum environment for the best possible outcomes and solutions.

Today, let’s do our best to relax. We will let go of that which is upsetting us the most. We will trust that by letting go, we have started the wheels in motion for things to work out in the best possible way! Many blessings to you and yours today!

~~Chaplain Roger Ward

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  1. I agree. Spring is that time of year we often reflect and make plans for the future. That future may not include things and people that are not healthy for us mentally or physically. So, we have to let them go. It can be difficult. I used to hold on to clothing that I thought I might once again fit into. After 5 years, it still doesn’t fit. It’s taking up usable space, sparking old memories, good and bad, AND, even if it now fits, it’s probably out of style. It may be salvageable with the right accessories or alterations to come up to par. Sometimes it’s just not worth the time and effort. I usually donate to charity usable items that are no longer usable to me. Maybe they can make quilts, pillows or children clothes from my donations. I began taking stock during the beginning of the year and handed over items I no longer need.

    1. Good for you Sylvia! It’s amazing how much “stuff” we accumulate, physically AND emotionally. Finding the why & moving on from it can get real tricky sometimes. The great thing is that all of the “things” can be a blessing for someone else.