Instagram. Some days I love it, some days…. welllll… Let’s just get into why I switched from an Instagram business account to a creator account.

It all started when I thought I might retire from my interior design business by mid 2021. To prepare, I started sharing more content about real life rather than just project specific content.

Then I stated changing my social media profile handles to align more with this blog & the newly expanded content I share. I’m always all about research & did a lot before getting a business account on the gram.

But it wasn’t until I got an interesting newsletter update from one of my favorite planning tools that I decided to check out business vs. creator accounts.


I am already an Instagram beta tester so I’ve been getting to see new features pretty early on – no issues there. Otherwise, most of what I found was the same as it always was.

According to Tailwind, “You’d benefit from a business account on Instagram if you own a brand and have an Instagram strategy for selling products, marketing your business or just want to increase brand awareness through engagement!”

Yes I am a small business owner but I don’t do any of that, not even true marketing. I don’t run ads or allow bookings directly from Instagram, although you can contact me directly there. But even without the contact options, you can contact anyone on the gram… it’s called a DM. (BIG CHEESE.)

Plus now that I’m starting to slow things down in my design business, I’m using Instagram in more creative & personal ways. I’m also starting to work with brands more. All signs point more toward the (micro) influencer & brand ambassador for which creator accounts were created.

That’s me!!

When brands began reaching out to me I thought “Heyyyy, this may actually be a thing for me”! Especially since it wasn’t always brands that have anything at all to do with my core business of interior design.

More recently, since reels became a HUGE part of IG, the whole world was using music more & more. Me too. But literally in the last few weeks (maybe it around the time IG decided to focus even more on video content), I noticed that I didn’t have access to as much music on the platform.

And BAM! That was it for me. I did a little research & found that the reason is because I have had a business account & there are copyright restrictions for businesses using popular songs.

So there you have it. MUSIC. Music is the reason I switched from a business account to a creator account.

Don’t judge. 😀

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