• Cooking with Kids: Semi-Homemade Corn Dogs

    Cooking with Kids: Semi-Homemade Corn Dogs

    Hey y’all!! It’s officially summer!  And that means more time with the kiddos, more bored kiddos, and more HUNGRY kiddos! This summer I told my youngest (age 8) that, among other things, he was going to learn to cook.  Every kid needs to learn to be self sufficient, even in the kitchen.  And what says summer more than corn dogs?!  Watermelon maybe, but there’s nothing to do there but keep it simple & cut it up (kids love watermelon wedges with juice running down their arms)! But this is not about watermelon. By request from insta-friend  & fellow blogger Kenyatta over at My Design Rules, we are making semi-homemade corn dogs with the kids!  How…

  • Dinnertime just got easier... Maybe

    Dinnertime just got easier… Maybe

    Everyone knows I like to cook, not for the sake of cooking itself, but because I like to EAT.  So I usually cook 2-3 times a day, even when it’s just me. Well a couple of weeks ago, my littlest (3-year-old) asked to help me cook dinner and whaddaya know…. he’s a natural-born sous chef!  Granted my nerves could only stand for him helping me make salad, but boy did he help me make a MEAN salad! I won’t let him cut anything just yet (even with kitchen scissors), but turns out he’s great at washing fresh fruits and veggies, and shaking up a tasty vinaigrette.  And he assembles a…