Hardware pulls can be used for so many things.  In fact I am of the opinion that, other than paint, hardware can be the single most resourceful way to update a space 1 piece (or cabinet or drawer) at a time.  Not only can pulls (and knobs) be used for cabinets and drawers, I have repurposed them into finials (NO I’m not crazy), have dreams of secret passageways (just looking for the right client – any takers?), or any other purpose that suits your fancy.

That’s why I wanted to compile 10 best hardware pulls handpicked especially for you to try or DIY!  First let’s define a few things:

“Best” –  in this particular case “best” does not refer to best selling, most popular, or even most durable or practical for all applications (although I would never steer you toward anything that would NOT be durable or practical – I don’t believe in wasting your money OR mine).  For purposes of this post, I am bringing you what I consider some of the most unique hardware that I have randomly run across.

“Hardware” – and by hardware pulls, I mean pulls, knobs, and anything that could be made into or imagined as a pull or knob.

So without further ado, it was hard to narrow the list down, but here you have…..DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

My 10 best, most unique hardware pulls (and knobs)

 I’ve always wanted to do a Moroccan or an Indian style room.  In fact I’ve been toying with the idea of doing it in my own home, perhaps in the girly room/office  – that’s what these little elephants make me think about.  That and African safaris.

Okay enough daydreaming… back to work!

Elephants at World Market

Want to go nautical without going overboard?  These could be just the thing!  Can’t get much easier than rope, right.  These could also work in a rustic application or in a kid’s room.  They could even be done with colored rope.  Fun.

DIY Rope


Now this is a DIY after my own heart!  The combination of the neatly lined jars and the leather attached wood handle bring thoughts of baking.  The mind is churning thinking of modified rolling pins, leather belts, nuts, bolts and washers.  How cool would that look in “baking central“?

Leather is EVERYwhere now.

These beauties from Restoration Hardware are so super sleek and pretty that when I first saw them I immediately thought of platinum and diamonds.  These are definitely NOT for that inexpensive little update, these are for when you want to go big or go home!

Super sleek – courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Aren’t these dreamy?  They are almost an enigma – they look like a super hard natural stone, but so very delicate, beautiful, and soothing.

Feeling Ethereal? – One Kings Lane

Sometimes that first glance is all you need – this one made me think of a big Buddha statue, well ok… a skinny Buddha statue.  And all I could do is smile.  Honestly I probably would use this as “sculpture”, in a bookcase, on a desk,  or atop a stack of books or something.

Dering Hall


Agate is amazing to me.  I find it somewhat mesmerizing.  And who doesn’t love purple!

Agate – One King’s Lane


Similar to the purple Agate, this knob found at Dering Hall is interestingly organic.  It looks like it was plucked directly from the bottom of the ocean and fashioned into a knob.  Plus it looks like a piece of vintage one of a kind jewelry.

Organic – Dering Hall


Another DIY opportunity – all kinds of options with a blank slate of sturdy wood knobs.

Keep it bejeweled by trying it with ball bearings, broken jewelry, or a broken dog chain necklace.

Kinda Bejeweled – DIY anyone?


And of course it goes without saying that I absolutely LOVE these wine corks turned knobs.  I love wine ANYthing!

Self explanatory! 😉

Now that you have so many unique pulls and knobs to choose from, you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively change up some of your furniture pieces with minimal commitment.  Don’t limit yourself to this list; find some favorites of your own (but you have to share).  Above all else have fun with it!  This little gadget will help you to not take things too seriously!

Pink Revolver Shaped Rechargeable Screwdriver
Get it done – OR ELSE! Fun hardware to install your hardware!

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  1. I love the wine knobs! How fun would those be in a home bar??!!! It would fun to make them with wine corks that were from your own bottles of wine as well. I keep some of my old corks and write the date and special occasion they were from.