2017 Color of the Year Roundup

The “color of the year” concept that Pantone started back in 2000 has been around for 17 years now. ¬†Since then, other companies have started to introduce their own picks for color of the year. ¬†There’s some debate on whether there is any 1 clear authority on the subject anymore (except for the fact that Pantone’s color of the year influences more than design itself). ¬†Either way, I like the healthy competition, innovation, & range of possiblities¬†that the color of the year concept has introduced.

Each company’s 2017¬†color of the year seems to have a little something in common. ¬†Nature. ¬†They all seem to be somehow nature inspired.


Colorhouse – Almost Ripe

This color is a super bright & cheery citrus-y color¬†that’s really more yellow than green. ¬†Based on the description, almost ripe is inspired by Brazil‚Äôs banana production so the name & the color are fitting.

Colorhouse 2017 Color of the Year BRAZIL: Almost Ripe

Added Bonus: Colorhouse paints are eco-friendly.

Valspar –¬†Botanical yellow-green

This is a tricky color. ¬†I personally love it, but it’s not going to be for everyone. ¬†While it’s not “‚Äė70s avocado” green, it’s not a true green either. ¬†Unless it really speaks to you, use it in small doses, where there’s less wall space, or in a streamlined design.

From the site: ¬†“this color is inspired by the zero waste movement and living sustainably.” ¬†What’s not to love?

Pantone – Greenery

Refreshing.  Natural.  Feels like it was pulled from the landscape right outside my front (or back) door.

I’m a little partial to Pantone’s pick because I believe every interior space – residential & commercial – should include some greenery in the form of live plants. ¬†They’re naturally uplifting & clean the air. ¬†That’s the feeling I get from this color – greenery¬†makes it easy to “go¬†green” with your decor.Pantone 2017 Color of the Year - Greenery

BEHR – Jade Dragon

Behr is an old favorite. ¬†I’ve been using it for years and still have my old, super huge, extra heavy color fan deck. ¬†I’m on the fence about this color, though. ¬†It’s pretty, maybe even a little girly. ¬†Instead of being vibrant¬†like the previous 3 greens or deep & rich like the next 2, it’s sitting somewhere in between. ¬†With all these really saturated colors, I’m just not sure if this 1 will stand up to the competition.

Pratt & Lambert –¬†Leafy Bower

Luxurious, green jewel tone.  Leafy Bower looks like it was pulled from a slice of green agate.

Farrow & Ball – Studio Green

Talk about deep. ¬†Studio Green is complex. ¬†You will think it’s black, it will look like it on a color chip (don’t use those) or on something small. ¬†But… Paint a door, cabinets, or wall this color & you will see the deepest of dark greens. ¬†Not a 1980’s forest green but a modern Victorian green – if there is such a thing.


Sherwin-Williams – Poised Taupe

I was on the fence about this pick when it was first announced. ¬†I love Sherwin-Williams, but taupe? The more I looked at it, alone and with other colors, the more I liked it. ¬†It’s a cozy, traditional, earthy kind of color with a touch of grey. ¬†I think the grey gives it a little more dimension and when I saw it¬†with the SW Naval that’s 1 of my “go to” colors, I couldn’t help but like it.

Chalk Paint¬ģ by Annie Sloan – Honfleur

I am not a big chalk paint fan. ¬†But I wanted to include this color because the point of these colors is how they channel the colors of nature. ¬†I know you’re probably saying… But. It’s. Brown.

It is.  But remember that chalk paint looks different in the can than on something like a chair or accent table.  And this color makes me think of the ground on hiking trails & those stones we step  on (& collect) at the edge of the beach.


PPG Pittsburgh Paints –¬†Violet Verbena¬†&¬†GLIDDEN –¬†Byzantine Blue

These 2 are very similar Рnot surprising since they are from the same parent company.  Both are a pretty bluish-purple (or purplish-blue) with grey tones.  Reminds me of an early morning or late evening (past dusk but not quite dark)  cloudy sky Рcalm & peaceful.

Image result for 2017 color of the year

Dulux –¬†Starry Sky

Another violet color of the year entry is Starry Sky. ¬†It’s name tells it’s story; similar to the 2 PPG colors, this one also reminds me of the night sky. ¬†From the site: {it} “is a mid-intensity, grey-violet colour. This purple is mysterious, exciting and calming all at once”.

Olympic – Cloudberry

The company considers this a calm & serene color that complements a minimalist style and invites homeowners to disconnect & unwind. ¬†Cloudberry is decidedly purple, but a soft muted version so it’s still very calming.

Benjamin Moore – Shadow

Mysterious. Seductive. Dark. Neutral. Royal. I LOVE this color. ¬†I repainted my bedroom last October in a similar but lighter color from SW. ¬† When Shadow was announced, I almost immediately wanted to paint it again. ¬†I didn’t but this color is EVERYthing… It would be great in a bedroom or powder bath.

Just extinguished candles on table against a purple wall

Added bonus: Benjamin Moore paints are eco-friendly

Wrapping up

There seems to be a trend toward more natural colors – shades of green from bright to muted, sky inspired blues & purples. ¬†Even the colors that you wouldn’t immediately consider¬†nature inspired actually take on colors of items you might find on beaches or in forests – natural rock, naturally occurring stone (think jewel-like quartz), even forest floors.

Even if you don’t see the natural beauty in any of these colors, do any of them “speak” to you? ¬†Would you use them in your home or office?

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