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3 Easy Ways to Welcome Spring and Bring the Outdoors In

Spring has sprung and there’s so much to do, checklists for this and checklists for that.  Well, add 1 more checklist to the list.  This one is a little different from what you’ve already seen – no spring cleaning, no full on redecorating for the season, not even small swaps to “bring on spring”.  Nope, this one is about low or no cost ways to welcome spring.  Spend as much or as little as you want.


3 Easy Ways to Welcome Spring and Bring the Outdoors In

Open Up!

Pull back the curtains and open every window possible.  Let in the fresh air and send all the stale and stagnant air out!  For FREE!

Speaking of curtains, consider hanging a fresh pair.  Perhaps something colorful or something light and airy.  Whatever speaks to you and says “Ahhh… Spring”.  If you aren’t in the market for new window treatments, no problem.  If possible, clean the ones you already have hanging (vacuum, wash and “air dry” them, or have them professionally cleaned) – just to freshen things up a bit.  The best part is, you decide the cost.


Lighten up!

Once you open things up a bit, that’s gonna let in all that wonderful natural light.  Again, FREE!

And if you replace heavy window treatments with sheers, you’ll let the light in without even trying and at very little cost.

Now go 1 step further and consider a modification to your current lighting situation.  Look at your lamps, view the shades and bases separately.  Are they heavy and dark?  Try swapping a dark colored gourd base with a glass one.  Love the gourd shape?  If you’re not tied to the base (financially or emotionally) why not paint it (fun DIY weekend project).

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Too much change for ya?  How about just swapping the shade with a natural linen shade?  You’d be amazed how much more open, airy, and light simple changes like this can make.

You don’t always have to buy new.  Consider lamps as accessories that can be moved around and used interchangeably.  Shop your home for swaps you can make to lighten up the space(s) you spend the most time in.

Shop your home for swaps you can make to lighten up the space(s) you spend the most time in.Click To Tweet

Plant Something!

Not outside, inside.  Welcome spring, bring in color, clean the air, and help take your décor to the next level just by adding the right plant.  Adding greenery really does add a finishing touch to a room, but remember that some key points still apply.  Simple things like:


* Decorator’s Note:  Sometimes people don’t like to open their windows because the view isn’t all that great.  There’s a solution to that problem too.  Spend a little time and money to spruce up your outdoor space and that too could change how you feel about your home and how you use it.

Spend a little time & money to spruce up your space. That could change how you feel about your home & how you use it.Click To Tweet

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