Christmas is my favorite time of year & every year we go all out with the decorations. This Christmas will be our 6th in our current home & our main tree has been in 4 different spots in the same room over the years.

We have multiple trees inside + the 2 naturally growing in the font yard! Some are decorated to the max, some just have lights. Either way, we make many of the decorations by changing up items we already have. It’s loads of fun for us & that’s how we like it.

The holidays are meant to be full of joy so that’s how we approach decorating. It’s a family affair – we go with what we feel & sometimes something really great comes out of it. In fact, we loved last year’s Christmas décor so much, we’re doing it again this year!

Here’s what that looked like!

Our 2020 Holiday Home in Pictures

Our 2020 Holiday Home in Pictures

Christmas Dining Room Décor

Christmas Living Room, Mantel & Mini Bar Décor

Christmas Kitchen

Christmas Trees

If you haven’t noticed a pattern, we do wreaths EVERYwhere! I like to play with them in all kids of ways. Here’s just a few of my faves!

I was just thinking how fun it could be to show how our Christmas décor has changed in just the past 5 years in our current home! Now there’s an idea… stay tuned for that adventure!

Until next time… Enjoy!

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