Love my locs

….and my most annoying answers.  Even though these are real, I share them all in good fun.

DISCLAIMER:  if you are sensitive to sarcasm, you may not want to read this post. 😉 Click here for more sarcasm free content


  1. Q:  I love your hair; how do you keep it so neat?
    A:  Well, once I find my spot under the bridge, I make absolutely sure to sleep on a satin or silk pillow.
  2. Q:  Have you ever considered going back to relaxed?
    A:  Hmmmm, have YOU ever considered going back to natural?  Sorry but that would be a “No”.
  3. Q:  Is it soft?  Can I touch it? (because these 2 always come together)
    A:  {Stale face} (Well, at least they asked first this time) {Stale face}
  4. Q:  You can’t wash them that much huh?
    A:  You do know that’s kinda gross, right?
  5. Q:  Does your boss say anything about your hair?  (I LOVE this question because it allows me to shamelessly plug Xtraordinary by Design and have a conversation about THAT instead.  But they don’t forget and the question changes to…..)
    Do your clients say anything about it?
    A:  {Stale face}  Like what? {Queue Jeopardy music while we stare at each other for a minute}


BONUS Q&A – this one is my all time favorite!  Again this series is always run together as if they are 1 question.  On a good day, it can lead to a whole slew of additional questions and my own personal loc education session.

Q: Who did your braids? How long did it take and what kind of hair did you use?

A: My what?


I hope you enjoyed a little comic relief at my expense. Feel free to share it with your “homies”.

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