‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that……

WAIT… REEEEE-wind!  The stockings were hung where?

Uh, by the chimney?

Try again.

Ahem… By the CHIMney?!

Well dearest, WE don’t have a chimney.  So tell me, the stockings will be hung WHERE?!

Okay okay, enough with the dramatics.  I’ve never been the acting (or fictional writing) type, but I think you get where I’m going with this.  I was recently asked by someone close to me where they could hang their stockings since they don’t have a fireplace (real or fake) or mantle (real or fake).

You may be thinking “WHAT?! No fireplace?!”  We live in the south folks and truth be told there really is no need for a fireplace other than aesthetics (or romance or nostalgia).  And not everyone wants one, to be honest.  But beyond that point is this one… where DO you hang those stockings if not “by the chimney”?

Don’t fret… think outside the (fire)box.  You can hang stockings practically anywhere. Here’s a few ideas:

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8 Places to Hang Stockings When You Don’t Have a Fireplace

  1. On a ledge.  Any ledge will do – even windowsills. Oversized stockings hung from the open ledge in a 2 story family room would be stunning.
  2. Along the stairs. Stockings can look So pretty hanging along with your garland or other decorations placed along stair rails.
  3. On a window.  Yes, directly ON the window.  If you have one that you don’t have to close, that would be perfect.  Just make sure to use the right size (command) hooks so that it’s secure if you plan to stuff it.
  4. On a door.  Hang a special stocking in lieu of a wreath on your front door.  Don’t fill this stocking with any goodies though – you don’t want any little critters hanging around your front door.  If your door isn’t covered, consider hanging stockings inside from any door or doorknob.  It’ll be an unexpected little twist.
  5. Directly on a wall.  Just like on a window except with more versatility.  You can use any kind of decorative hook you want on the wall. 
  6. From cabinets.  Hang mini stockings from cabinet knobs for a touch of the unexpected.  If you have a counter with no functional cabinets below, you could hang full sized stockings just as you would from a mantle.
  7. From furniture (dressers, cabinets, an armoire, etc).  Try it on the end of a kid’s bed – they really get a kick out of that and it’ll challenge your stealth skills to try to get things in there while they sleep.  Fun!
  8. On the tree – Christmas stocking ornaments are so cute.  You could embellish them more or even make your own.  And they’re still stuffable!

I’ve done some of these myself to keep my children on their toes and excited.  It’s been fun coming up with interesting things to do over the years, but now I’m thinking of doing some more of these ideas!

So, chimney or no chimney, where are you going to hang those stockings this year?

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