I love to frame things. Sentimental things like family photos, children’s art & greeting cards, fun things like video games & album covers, pretty things like fabric & wallpaper, cool things like posters & graphics. Anything is fair game! What do you think are the best places to buy picture frames?

My favorite sources might surprise you. I like to try to find unique frames for some spaces & keep things simple & coordinated in others. The best places to buy picture frames are the retailers that have a huge variety. The only limit is your imagination & budget.

Framed fabric as art - best places to buy picture frames at IKEA

These are the best places to buy picture frames:

1. (Tie) IKEA & At Home

Both have a large selection of styles, finishes, & sizes of picture frames. From the daintiest little tabletop frames to large poster sized frames & everything in between. And of course the prices can’t be beat!

Framed fabric as art - best places to buy picture frames at IKEA

I love that everything at IKEA is eco-friendly & sustainable typically using recycled & recyclable materials. All their frames work really well together too so it’s easy to create a coordinated or mixed & matched look that’s uniquely you.

2. Amazon

Of course Amazon has a huge selection. Sometimes too huge! There are so many options that you could get analysis paralysis or get stuck wanting to buy EVERYthing! But it’s also very easy to get a coordinated look with frame sets from the online giant.

Living Room Gallery Wall - best places to buy picture frames at Amazon

3. Target

Target is one of my all time favorite stores for any & everything. The selection of frames may not be as big as others on this list, but what they offer is always very high quality. At a mid range price point, you’ll always score some unique frames as well as some basics that you can mix with some you may already have.

I also love that Target mixes up their selections a lot. They may have special designer selections for a limited time & that means you could get something that you’ll never see offered again (or in a lot of peoples homes). Gotta love that!

4. Thrift Stores

If you love to thrift, you already know that the frames you can get at thrift stores are unmatched! Always unique, sometimes rare, & always at a great price point. Only downfall is availability. You may not find exactly what you want in terms of size, style, color, etc. But what you will find is a DIYer’s heaven – unique frames that you can paint, refinish, add gold or silver leaf, or whatever else you want to do or not do!

5. Michael’s

Michael’s is my favorite and, in this designer’s opinion, is the absolute best place to buy picture frames. Here’s why…

If you want a huge gallery wall, you can get high quality bulk frames at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Or you can buy the same frames individually for a smaller project.

If you have heirloom quality art that you want custom framed, you can get that at Michael’s too. You can choose everything from the frames style, thickness, profile, & color to all the same details of the mat.

Custom Framed Art - best places to buy picture frames at Michael's

Selection & customization make Michael’s my favorite.

Where is your favorite place to buy picture frames? Share your ideas in the comments. And don’t forget to save this for your reference later!

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