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CD Art

Armed with just 3 things (technically), we (mainly I) created this beauty:

CD Art


It’s CD Art!  And it turned out to be one of the simplest art installations I’ve ever done.  Materials:

  1. Canvas (I used a large 4×4 canvas)
  2. CDs
  3. Trusty glue gun

The idea was conceived in my (constantly working) brain, my oldest arranged the CDs, I approved the “design” and got to work attaching the cases.  The best thing is I can still get to the actual CDs if ever I ever wanted to.  The “Next Best Thing” is that no 2 will ever be alike!

CD Art

This is the perfect art installation for game rooms, teen rooms, man caves and of course those who are lucky enough to have a music room!  it would even work in a family room if you love music.

I still have loads of CD left so you know what that means….

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Until next time...Enjoy!


  • Elle

    Looks really cool! I’m confused, was that an old used canvas, with all the little colorful squares on it? I was just wondering why it wasn’t white? The photo makes it hard to tell what it is, but genius idea!

    • Nikki G.

      Hi Elle! Yes it was a canvas that was already being used as art in the room. Rather than buy a new 1, I just reused it! And guess what… if I really want that print back, I could remove the cases (although it would be slow and tedious).
      I have lots of random canvases and hardboards because I can’t leave a good deal in ANY store so the 3 “orders” that people have requested of me will essentially cost $0 (not including the hundreds of dollars for my time!). 😉

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CD Art

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