Well, I finished up my last project of 2015 just in time for my client to welcome holiday guests. This is a guest room that I’d love to stay in!  This room remix involved solving a few design dilemmas including paint modification and space planning.

It also incorporates some practices that scare off many people such as using dark colors and large furnishings in small rooms.

The guest room started out a rich chocolate brown that the homeowner (and I) actually loved.  It just needed a little “cleaning up”.  There is a really plush queen bed and solid wood dresser and nightstand, all of which were definite keepers.  The only real trick was how to work in a comfy chair.  Easy peasy right?  Just bring in a slipper chair – they fit everywhere and the style choices are endless.  Oh, except that it really needs to be an armchair.  So I went back to the drawing board… twice.

So I’ll just get right to it and show you the Guest Room BEFORE


Guest Room

And the Guest Room Remix AFTER


Yes the focal point of the bedroom, including the guest room, is the bed.  However, there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat.  There’s almost always more than 1 option for where to put the bed.  In the previous layout, the bed was indeed the focus – greeting you before you walked into the room.  By shifting it to the adjacent wall, it’s still the focus but draws you in and opens up the room a little more.

And that freed up a little space for that comfy armchair we really wanted needed! It’s low profile, so it fits well.

About that dresser (and it’s matching nightstand)… These are super solid pieces.  Even the pulls are solid wood.  The wood against the chocolate walls would have been too much brown on brown.  Rather than have them blend in, I decided to make them stand out.  And since the textiles in the room are all shades of blue and white, I decided to stick with that palette and go somewhere in between for the furniture paint.

This guest room remix was a fun project that tested so many of my skills, from color correction to space planning to furniture makeovers.  And I loved every bit of it!

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