Halloween Decor – A Twist on the Ordinary

Of all the “holidays” we acknowledge and celebrate in this country, Halloween is probably the one I neglect the most.  As a kid, I think I enjoyed it.  Play dress up, collect and eat candy all day (and night) – what kid wouldn’t love that?!  As an adult, not so much.  There are several reason for this:

  1. Candy and kids… no es bueno!  The exact same reason I loved Halloween as a kid is the #1 reason I don’t as a mom – candy, candy, and more candy!  That’s been easy enough to remedy – mine have to share their loot with neighborhood kids who knock on OUR door.  Or we throw in a little something homemade (and better for them), while we sneak the candy o.u.t. Done.
  2. I do enjoy the dress up part for myself AND my kids, just not as ghosts, goblins, and other “characters” meant to be super scary.
  3. Of course “dress up” for the home (i.e. decor) is WONDERFUL!  I simply prefer things a bit more subtle and… well, pretty.  Typical Halloween decorations are far from subtle and pretty.

It’s this last reason for not embracing Halloween that I have finally begun to address in my own home, for my clients, and now for YOU!

Here’s a bit of Halloween decor even I can live with!

How cool are these stair decals! If I had stairs, I would SO do this!

via Kitchen Today

For an entryway, this works for me.  In fact, that is the one place I typically decorate completely and this proves why.  It can be fun and easy to make a quick change to the entryway.

Halloween decor for the traditional entryway via Martha Stewart

And then of course there is the ever popular, super practical, über versatile apothecary jar!  Is there nothing these things can’t make look good?!  Alone or in a grouping of other items as shown above, apothecary jars (or practically any jar, for that matter) can be the perfect seasonal accessory.

Apothecary jars with Halloween candy


And last but not least – actually it’s probably the first thing people address for ANY holiday – front door decor!  Y’all know I couldn’t resist saying a little something about a Halloween wreath!  Your front door is the first thing people see at your home so naturally it should “say” something.  This is an area where you can spend to your heart’s content or DIY it and have some fun.  There’s a million and 12 Halloween wreaths out there so I won’t bore you with my picks.  What I will do is show you my wine cork wreath with a (very) slight change for the holiday.

Hey what did you expect?!  I told you I personally prefer things a bit more subtle.  😉  To be fair, the whole entry does look a teeny bit more… Halloween-y and honestly I replace this with a “BOO” banner on Halloween eve.  Even I can get into the spirit of things!

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