I was recently reminded of the one thing that has been the biggest household helper in terms of decorating and living everyday life. You might think it would be something exceptionally simple like a cleaning product; or maybe something not so simple like money to have someone do the cleaning and decorating for you.  But it is neither; it’s something in between, although I am inclined to consider it a simple little thing.

I know….. you’re waiting and wondering what I may be thinking of.  Well before I go there, I just want to say that for this post, I am channeling  one of the best movies of all time.  FORREST GUMP.  Specifically Bubba and his shrimp boat.  I love shrimp, I love seafood!  So this is my decorating dedication to Forrest and Bubba.  The topic…   HOOKS!

*Adapted from Forrest Gump & Bubba on his shrimp boat*:
Anyway, like I was sayin’, hooks are the workhorses of the home and office.  You can glue them on, nail them in, screw them in, clip them on.

There’s coat hooks, command hooks, decorative hooks, hardware hooks, towel hooks, utilitarian hooks.
Finials as hooks, knobs as hooks, hardware as hooks.
You can hang ’em over doors, on the door, over cabinets, in the cabinet, over toilets, from the mantle, of course on the wall.

That- that’s about it.

Hooks, hooks, and more hooks!  Use them, love them, appreciate them for what they are!  What creative uses have you found for this “ordinary” item?

((Garage photo credit: Rubbermaid Products via photopin cc))

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