Not every interior design project involves knocking down walls, putting new ones up, or any other type of construction. Sometimes it’s a makeover (what I call a Room Remix) or a series of makeovers that take time. To complete a whole home makeover over time, this is the basic formula I apply to almost every project that isn’t a full gut job. The thought process of the creative mind that is The Holistic Interior Designer.

After sharing the Instagram post above, I asked my audience if they wanted to see how this whole home interior design project came together. 100% of respondents said yes. I think it’s because it’s hard to visualize how multiple rooms can complement each other with cohesive interior design, especially when it’s being done over a long period of time (1½ years in this case).

How I Complete a Whole Home Makeover Over Time

I start with a very thorough consultation where I pay attention to EVERYthing from where your trash can is to what’s on your bathroom counters. I always encourage my clients to take notes as we walk & talk.

As much as I’m looking at your home, I’m watching your body language and listening to you beyond your words. I wanna know what you love, what you fear, what your mama hates, & what was your favorite vacation.

Interior design is as much psychology as it is creativity & knowledge. I use all these things to decide what can stay, what MUST go, & what’s okay for now.

I also use it to come up with “The Jump Off”.

This client only had 1 requirement – that her signed Bob Marley poster, which was on the floor propped against the wall in a chipped frame, poster be prominently displayed.


I had it custom framed and it became the inspiration for the color palette & texture that flows throughout, sets the vibe & ties together the entire home.

With the inspiration nailed down, planning becomes the most important aspect of the process. During this phase, it may seem like nothing is happening & clients typically have a lot of questions about timing. Even though we discuss this during the consultation, the excitement of getting started is just too much even for me!

Proper planning is the key component to complete a whole home makeover over time.

Why does planning take so long when we’re just starting with 1 room? Because that room has to flow seamlessly with every other space. We don’t want every room to look & feel like it belongs in a different home.

In this case we started with the great room – the combination entryway, living room, & breakfast room with a few smaller updates in the kitchen.

Everything works together pulling the colors and textures from the Bob Marley poster – consider how great his well worn jeans must have felt! Color is not always easy, in fact it almost never is even for people who say they love it. I tend to start in small doses in open areas like this. That gives you the chance to (literally) sit with color that can easily be changed or offset.

Once you’re comfortable, we can start to infuse more color in other ways that may have a larger impact or be more “permanent” or more work to change out than a simple pillow cover.

Usually by the time we’ve completed a room or 2, everyone is completely comfortable and ready to make a bold statement! This is when we go all out & have tons of fun with it!

In this master suite makeover, we stayed within the same color palette, infused with even more texture and made bold statements on the walls & with lighting.

How to Complete a Whole Home Makeover Over Time that's beautifully cohesive

And that’s how I complete a whole home makeover over time that’s beautifully cohesive and unique.

By listening & communicating well, removing my own personal likes & dislikes from the equation (I am not big on pink or pastels), and choosing elements wisely from the beginning, I am able to provide clients, family, & friends with meaningful spaces that spark joy!

We always work together to design your home in a way that makes your soul sing without breaking the budget or taking on debt to get it done!

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