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Ikea Hack Anyone?

By now everyone has heard of Ikea hackers, the site where people take Ikea products and alter them to fit their wants and needs.  Other than to say how ingenious some of the hacks were, I never really gave it much thought…. until I saw this.

The piece on the left is a designer piece, originally priced at $650, discounted to approximately $300 at One King’s Lane.  It’s great if it fits the decor AND the budget.  But it is eerily similar to the console on the right – Ikea Lack sofa table ($59!).  In fact, when I first saw the Eva Chevron console, I passed right over it thinking “why is there an Ikea table on One King’s Lane?”

Eva Chevron console table
Eva Chevron console table


Ikea Lack console table
Ikea Lack console table









I think this could be the easiest and most cost effective hack ever.  If I had a use for it right now (for myself or a client), I’d definitely do it.  The possibilities are endless – colors, textures, finishes, materials – and I think it could be done for less than $150.  That’s less than half the “discounted” price!  Headed off to Ikeahackers.net to see if anyone has already discovered/done this one…..

Until next time...Enjoy!
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Ikea Hack Anyone?

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