It’s 2 months into 2015 and everyone is hopefully still working on those resolutions, including getting organized and stepping up that home decor.  Along with the new year comes new trends in fashion, in beauty, in interior decor, and in color.

And so it is that the major players in the color field all have a “color of the year”.  Every year.  Who has the time, or the desire, to paint again every year with the changing trends?  For that matter, who has the guts to go all the way with any of the colors chosen each year?  I take nothing away from any of the choices, but some of them would take a lot of getting used to for the average homeowner.

And then there are those of us who can be very indecisive when it comes to our own spaces (slowly raising hand).  If that’s you, believe it or not, life in full color (of the year) just might be easier for you.  You see even though each color of the year is quite strong in different ways, they do actually coordinate well with one another.  Instead of diving head first into the Coastal Surf (Kelly-Moore Paints), try a few home updates with accents that can easily be changed like throws and pillows.

Use Accents Incorporate The Color of the Year Into Your Home Decor


Are you are a neutral lover?  Why not step away from the beiges and whites for a spell and consider Benjamin Moore‘s color of the year, Guilford Green, your new neutral.

Benjamin Moore's color of the year, Guilford Green
Muted Guilford Green background with punches of Marsala



Love pinks, reds, or oranges?  Sherwin-Williams’ Coral Reef  and Pantone’s Marsala have got you covered.

Sherwin-Williams' color of the year Coral ReefA nice marriage of Blue Paisley and Coral Reef
Pantone's color of the year, Marsala Marsala anyone? Why yes please, thank you for asking.


And then there’s the blues?  Nothing sad about these colors.  Blue Paisley by PPG Pittsburgh Paints and Coastal Surf by Kelly-Moore Paints  are both very vibrant and definitely NOT for the sad and faint of heart.

Colors of the year, Coastal Surf & Blue Paisley A literal version of Blue Paisley and Coastal Surf
Color of the year Blue Paisley by PPG Pittsburgh Paints Try a slightly deeper version of Guilford Green with a slightly brighter version of Blue Paisley


If these blues are too saturated for you, choose a toned down version of the same colors.  The effect will still be great without giving you the fits every time you look at it.

Or keep your cream with more muted (almost beige) version of Guilford Green and a muted version of Blue Paisley
A little more handsome Blue Paisley and Coastal Surf that would look great with Guilford Green


Still on the fence?  Take a look at these last few options… ALL of them pretty much include each color of the year in some form.  And I just have to say that they are pretty fantastic!

Marsala, Coral Reef, AND Blue Paisley?! With Purple?!?! YES, and it WORKS!
Every 2015 color of the year living happily and beautifully on this 1 little patch of 20x20 goodness! Every 2015 color of the year living happily and beautifully on this 1 little patch of 20×20 goodness!



When you make smaller updates like pillows, pillow covers, and throws, it’s easier on your budget and much more fun to experiment. Just remember not to take everything (especially color) too literally.  You’ll be naturally drawn to what you love and that will make it easier to step outside your comfort zone a bit.

Well, off I go to score that last beauty – I must have her!

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