Poipu Beach

We went to Kauai and all we got was:

1. Coco Salmon

Actually the inspiration & challenge of trying to recreate the dish from Bangkok Happy Bowl.  It’s “cooked in spicy red curry sauce with steamed baby spinach & Thai basil”.  I’ll give it a try 1 day when I’m feeling ambitious and have all the ingredients to make the curry sauce from scratch.

2.  Elixir

We call it infused water, they call it Elixir.  I think I prefer Elixir.  In Hawaii, I only saw this made with pineapple or with lemons.  There was nothing else added but water & ice and it was the most refreshing water I’d ever had.  So good that the first thing I did after settling in back home was to made a pitcher of Elixir.

3.  Inspiration for our backyard and patio

The resort had these amazing cabanas & stone fire pits with adirondacks.  I. Need. This. Cabana.  I must have them in my life.  And since I don’t have any clients looking for outdoor spaces right now, I feel totally justified and making it happen for myself.


4.  Chocolate tan & conquering “The (slippery) Rock”


And the most important, exciting, and inspirational thing we brought back from Kauai is…

5.  New extended family!!!

Meet the Couisnards!  My beautiful baby sister got married on Poipu Beach and added the Cousinards to the Ward family.  Or is that the Wards are added to the Couisnard family?  Either way, we’re now all 1 BIGGER family and could not be happier!

The Couisnards

Mr. & Mrs. Jay & Jenn Couisnard

There’s nothing better than adding to the family tree.  Now we wait for the children to come…






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