Let me just TELL you!  My oldest thought he could boil eggs faster (i.e. in 5 minutes) simply by boiling with the lid on THE ENTIRE TIME.  Needless to say, after five minutes of boiling his 3 eggs, he cracked into a jiggly mess with a COMPLETELY runny yolk!  Gross and hilarious at the same time.

“I don’t understand” he said.  “It just makes sense that this should have worked.”  No dice kiddo.  THIS is how you make boiled eggs:  put the eggs in the pot, add water to cover, BTB (bring to boil), then turn off the burner and pop the top on the pot for about 15 minutes.  The result… wait for it…. wait for it…. PERFECTLY boiled eggs.  How about THAT “recipe”, huh?!  

Lesson learned —> there are no shortcuts in this one kiddo!  Hilarious!

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