I am always looking for ways to get more veggies into our diets.  We eat pretty healthy most of the time but can you really ever eat to many veggies?  It’s possible I guess, but I’ve never met anyone who does.

I don’t have particularly particular children, but a couple of them DO ask a million questions like “what’s this?”, “what’s in it?” then proceed to smell things, pick it apart with the forks, etc, etc.  (So I guess those 2 are picky, but hey 50/50 ain’t too shabby).  Anyway since I am quite the old school mama, I usually end up saying “JUST EAT” and rolling my eyes!  (Dinnertime can sometimes be hilarious in this house.)

So… I have added a new fake out to the repertoire – and it’s a GOOD one!  As the title says…it’s mashed potatoes!  Or IS it?! ;p

Tastes the same, I make it pretty much the same way, BUT there’s only 1 potato in there.  The secret ingredient… (drum roll please)… CAULIFLOWER!  Yes, cauliflower!  No one even noticed (no questions or picking) AND they ATE IT UP!  And YES, these are the same potatoes featured in the Special Occasion Dinner.  Mommy = 1, family = ???  WE ALL WIN!

Mashed "potatoes"
Mashed “potatoes”
Potatoes as part of special occasion dinner
Potatoes as part of special occasion dinner

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