I’ve got my signature cake and now I think I’ve got my signature cookie…. Here they are in their simplest form – chewy sugar cookies. These are much easier than my oatmeal cookies but just as addictive. The difference is I can “embellish” these however I want.

My new signature cookie…. yum-O!

How do I know these are so yummy?  2 things:

  1. this pile of cookies was 3 times as high yesterday, and
  2. Grandmother wrapped about 10 of them in a paper napkin to take home with her last night.

If Grandmother’s picky tail liked them enough to WRAP in a napkin AND she didn’t make them, TRUST that they must be good.  😉

I also caught the “baby” trying to sneak a couple into his big brother’s room this morning before preschool.  He didn’t seem to care that I caught him and sent him marching straight to the kitchen table; he was just happy I let him eat those 2 “stolen” cookies with breakfast!

Oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal cookies

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