Just 2 more weeks left in this Spring’s One Room Challenge!  It’s crunch time.

Until now, I have been focused mainly on building garden beds & creating outdoor rooms.  So focused that I haven’t had a chance to share my vision for decorating the new patio.  In week 1 I shared the plan for the extension, but I haven’t even given you a hint of any outdoor decorations for the space.

Well since I can’t physically go shopping on my own (broken foot with a big clunky boot), I’ll share some of the items I’ve been eyeing online.  It’s no surprise that the star of the patio is from World Market – it’s only 1 of my favorite places ever!  Check out some other items that we like:

Outdoor Decorations

Some of these we already own & want to keep/work into the design, a few we plan to DIY or semi-DIY, and some we will purchase.

A couple of my faves – specifically the gorgeous bench from World Market and the Pebble table from West Elm – will not make it into the plan this time around.  Since we are having the patio extended, that requires skilled contractors to make sure the concrete is properly reinforced.  And that means added cost which we accounted for, but which also limits what we can spend on other things… for now.

I love these for garden seating & al fresco dining for 2.  Something to consider if the garden bench doesn’t work out.

There are several versions of these from different retails in a range of prices:

The coolest thing about almost all the items on my wishlist is that even though they are made for outdoor use, they could look equally great inside.  So during hurricane season it won’t be a bother to pull them inside without making our home look like a storage space.

I am also in love with swinging chairs.  They look so cozy BUT… with my kids & their friends, these are an accident waiting to happen.  Maybe when we are empty nesters I will still be into them.  Maybe.

Ultimately, this is the look we’d like to have for the patio…

A coastal getaway @ home

One thing you’ll see missing is an outdoor rug; there’s a reason & a story behind that.  The short version is that we learned the hard way in our previous home that as pretty as they are, outdoor rugs a very high maintenance here in Houston.

Every week when we did the yard we had to clean it.  When it rained ( and it rains a LOT in spring & summer), we had to pull it up immediately & hang it over the fence to dry.  If we didn’t, mildew crept in & that meant even MORE work.  None of that fits in with the easy going coastal vibe.  So… no rug.

Instead, the extension with brick border will define the overall patio & the curtains with string lights will define the inner patio lounging area.

Even if we don’t immediately have everything purchased & in place, it’s the general vibe we’re going for & will work toward having in the end.  For now, I’ve been told to take it easy to decrease swelling in my foot & speed up healing.

Between that & patiently waiting for the HOA to approve the patio extension, I’m just hoping we make it in these last 2 weeks of the One Room Challenge.  If we don’t, we’ll continue until the project is done; it just might be 8-10 weeks instead of 6. 😉

For next week, I’m planning to finish up some “small” DIY projects & continue to “hurry up & wait”.

Until then…



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    1. Tim I am SO ready. I am trying to be patient, but I really want to be outside already!
      Thank you for your well wishes & absolutely thank you for stopping by!