Earlier this week, I went live on Pinterest TV for their MVP (Most Valuable Planet) series in celebration of Earth Month. My topic leading up to Earth Day – Sustainability at Home.

Let me tell YOU… there were so many nuggets in that episode & so much great feedback! You can catch the replay here.

But I want to share a quick story with you…

We were driving home from our son’s track meet the other day & I got super excited to see that the host high school had raised garden beds & a “greenhouse”. My son, who’s in middle school & will attend that high school, got excited too and we both said the same thing… that I could go teach Botanical Studies there when he goes & we can help take care of the gardens so all the cafeteria food can be fresh from garden to table! How cool would that be?!

I remember he came home so happy the day they started the botany unit in his 7th grade science class. It wasn’t because he loves the subject (he DOES love science) but because he said it was going to be SO easy since we grow a lot of our own food already.

I told him not to be so sure. The he’d be surprised how scientific studying plants can get.

But then he said “well whatever I don’t know, I’ll just ask you”. This kid!

Of course the botany unit was a breeze for him, and he did actually ask me a few things. I didn’t just answer his questions though – I turned them into “lessons” in the garden. Time well spent together.

I think if I can teach him, I can teach anyone! Don’t they say your own kids are the hardest ones to teach or other kids will listen before your own will? Or something like that?

Just goes to show that the kids are always watching, listening, & learning. I’m glad we’re modeling sustainability at home everyday, prayerfully it’s all sinking in!

teaching kids about sustainability at home

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