Hi Y’all! Guess who decided (last minute) to join the One Room Challenge as a guest participant for the first time in 3 years?! ME that’s who! And I’m doing something a little different – we’re calling it The Teacher’s Lounge.

One Room Challenge 2020 Guest Participant

The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event where designers/bloggers/DIYers & folks who love all things home transform a room in 6 weeks.

BIG thanks to Linda for starting this way back when – wow I think it’s been something like 9 years (2x a year)?! And to the official media partner Better Homes & Gardens!

I’ve always followed the challenge & am always amazed at what the featured designers & guest participants come up with – so much creative talent. I’m happy to participate in the One Room Challenge Spring 2020 for a very special reason.

Like most people, I have always had enormous respect for teachers & school administrators – they have a sometimes thankless job that they do out of pure love for little recognition. All for our future leaders!

Since we have been on lockdown because of Coronavirus, many parents have become teachers, principals, counselors, classmates, teammates, tutors in addition to all the things that parents already do! So that respect I’ve always had has grown so much greater!

So, I decided this is the perfect time for me to pay it forward.

My dear sweet cousin has been a teacher for 19 years at multiple levels (from middle school to college to adult education) and is now the teacher’s teacher.

The Teacher's Lounge is all for her!
The Teacher’s Lounge is all for this beautiful lady!

For many years she has wanted to transform 1 room in her home into a Prayer Room. Now that she’s been working from home for the last few months, she realizes that she also needs a dedicated workspace that isn’t the kitchen table.

I’ve always had extra space so I really wanted a room that would be special & purposeful. I journal, I read my Bible, I’m very active in my church & I love to read more than anything else.

Right now I journal in bed but have always wanted a purposeful room where I can be at one with my music & my God.

Nikea 💕

We have decided to work together to transform a bedroom in her home into a combination Prayer Room/Library/Office. We’re calling it The Teacher’s Lounge & the timing to start couldn’t be better – it’s Teacher Appreciation Week! AND what better Mother’s Day gift can I give to an empty nester?!

It’s a win win win!

Right now the room is being used for storage so it’s really just wasted space. We are going to go through everything, keep what we can use, donate what we don’t need, and recycle the rest.

Here’s what we’re starting with.

The Plan for This Inspirational Teacher’s Lounge

  1. Prayer & meditation. That’s the #1 purpose of the room.
  2. Journaling & reading. We will need to incorporate a practical & beautiful reading & writing space separate from the workspace.
  3. Create a discreet workspace. The main purpose of the room will be for prayer & meditation so it needs to be a peaceful space 1st & foremost. That means the workspace needs to blend into the background.
  4. Honor the Elders. We are a large family with a proud & rich history that my cousin wants to incorporate into this space.
  5. Furniture makeover. There is only 1 piece of meaningful furniture that’s a must have… this loveseat has a special place in my cousin’s heart & we’re going to give it a special place in The Teacher’s Lounge.
Loveseat for The Teacher's Lounge - One Room Challenge Spring 2020

All this in an approximately 107 sq. ft. room. And of course y’all know we’re gonna do it all on a budget!

PLUS… we’re still social distancing so there’s that. There’s lots to do & many challenges but I think it’s going to fun and it’s definitely a great way for me to give back to someone who has done so much for me & my family as well as the community.

Stay tuned to see how make it all come together. And don’t forget to check out the ORC featured designers & guest participants for design inspiration & entertainment!

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