It’s no secret that I love wearing my locs curled.  I have used every kind of curl method I can think of including perm rods, foam curlers, bone rollers (you know, the inside part of sponge rollers), paper bags rollers, foil rollers, and (bantu) knot curls.  But my all time fave is pipe cleaner curls!  These things are all the rage in locs it seems, and with good reason… they are the best and here are MY top 5 reasons why:

  1. They are cheap.
  2. The curls last FORever.  I literally have to wash them out!
  3. Since the curls last and last and last, I can style them to death until my next wash.
  4. I can sleep in them (both the pipe cleaners and the resulting curls).  I mean ACTUALLY sleep, not Regina King in Friday after a fresh weave sleep!  AND leave the curlers in without ending up with painful and unsightly dents in my face and head.  AND THE #1 REASON I LOVE PIPE CLEANER CURLS…….
  5. I can keep the pipe cleaners in for days and style my locs WITH THE CURLERS IN!  A style within a style!  That way, I can wear the curlers out of the house without looking like that embarrassing “Auntie” you never want to be seen with.
    (Don’t act like you don’t know that “Auntie”; every family has one.  The one whose house you (kids) love to go to because you can do/eat/say whatever you want but you hate going anywhere with because she wears her rollers, “house shoes”, AND “house coat” EVERYwhere!)

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