In a previous post, I talked about homemade air freshener to eliminate, not cover up, lingering odors.  That method works really well for freshening up on the spot, but of course I am always looking for ways to make my life more efficient.

I cook everyday – at least once, but usually 2 or more times.  That means my home smells like food everyday;  NOT cakes and cookies (if it was I wouldn’t need air freshener), but meat and veggies.  The other day, after cleaning the morning dishes, I sprayed the house with the DIY air freshener and set out a small bowl of baking soda.  At the time I was thinking how great it would be to be able to put out odor absorbing material (i.e., baking soda, coffee, charcoal NOT potpourri or candles) in an attractive and UNIQUE way so that it can stay out and always keep things fresh.   But in that moment my mind was on other things; the next item on my to-do list – switching out my husband’s nightstand.  In doing so, I came across this little gem from a watch he bought some time ago and I had an AHA moment!

 Those who know me well know that I do not like a lot of “stuff” on my kitchen counters.  If I don’t use it everyday, I don’t want to see it everyday.  That said, the only small appliances on my counters are the coffee maker, stand mixer, and blender.  (The cutesy little glass cleaner wipes have migrated to under the cabinet since I realized no one wipes the glass but me – -go figure.)  So having a “bowl” of anything just sitting there for odor absorption does not appeal to me.
BUT THIS DOES!  Every morning we MUST have coffee (you wouldn’t want to talk to me without it).  So every morning we have to empty the reusable k-cup for every cup of coffee we drink (2-4 a day between the 2 of us).  We were doing this on a napkin that we later trash (or that I dump in the plants), BUT NOW…. I empty the grounds into this little tin (after I let them dry out of course)!  I leave it open when I need odor absorption and cap it when I don’t; when it fills up I’ll recycle the old coffee grounds and start over.  Easy and functional; cute and unique (I think).  And for those reasons, I don’t mind leaving this on the counter right next to the coffee maker.  As a matter of fact, I am going to empty some coffee grounds into it now…..

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