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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an inspirational quote from my cousin The Chaplain.  So sorry I’ve been slipping on that, but now he’s back at it & I’m back to posting his gems.

As usual, this is a great one.

“Today, let’s consider if [whether or not] we are feeling powerless?

Have circumstances taken a turn we don’t like? Do we feel there’s nothing we can do to make today better?

One power that’s always available to us is the power to love ourselves.

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Sometimes we feel powerless. We have circumstances in our lives we simply cannot change, no matter what we do to create something different, to move the situation along.


We can’t get another person to behave differently. We can’t seem to change something at work. We can’t do much about our money situation, at least not at the moment.  Nothing in life seems to be going our way.

It’s not that we’re doing anything wrong. We aren’t off our path or neglecting a particular lesson. There is no action we can take to change our circumstances.

[Sometimes] all we can do is surrender to the circumstances, accept what’s happening, and stay in the moment!

Much love and countless blessings!

~~Chaplain Roger Ward

As you can see, this is not a post about “X number of steps we can take” when we feel powerless.  We don’t always have to DO something.

Sometimes we have to accept that there truly are things we can’t change.  No matter how much we want to or how hard we try, forcing change can often have worse impact than the circumstance(s) itself.  It’s in these moments, at these times that we would be wise to remember that we are not in charge.

We would be comforted in knowing that there are forces beyond our control that still work toward the greater good in this life that has been fully planned for us long before we know.

Some people meditate on their feeling, some exercise, some pray; but t some point we all will have to accept something we cannot change.  How do you cope & keep moving forward when you feel powerless?

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