I am a wine drinker, I mean I really like my wine.  So like most people, I mean those who choose to keep their corks rather than throw them out, I “stored” my corks in decorative glass hurricanes, bowls, whatever I could find to hold them.  I always had the intent to do something with them and here is my first wine cork project – a wine cork wreath.  LOVE!
Supplies for wine cork wreath

Just trying to get the wreath started and I am prepared – have all my materials right at hand… INCLUDING the bottle opener should I require more wine!  I mean corks.  ;-p





1st try - starting the process

Clearly my first “technique” DID NOT work – it completely fell apart!  It was gonna be too small anyway (so WHATeverrrr)!

Still I tried to force it to work before giving up and trying something new. 




2nd attempt at wine cork wreath
Enter the wreath form – they actually make items specifically for making wreaths!  DERR!  Of course they do (not sure who “they” are…shruggs).

Guess what…. this did not work either.  Styrofoam is great for so many things; for this, not so much.  I could not attach the corks with glue (of any kind), straight pins, toothpicks, nada!


I will spare you all the frustration, brainstorming, trips to Hobby Lobby, and many bottles of wine before I finally came up with what DID work.

Successful wine cork wreath!

Sooo, I guess this would be called a straw wreath form maybe? Humph…

As it turned out, the magic formula for me was the straw wreath form, a box of toothpicks, an awl (yes I do have lots of random (and not so random tools) in my toolboxes), and my stash of corks.  Well I guess I also have to count the bottle(s) of wine since it’s in the picture and pictures don’t lie.



Anyway, my new “technique” worked great!  And here are the fruits of my labor…. I think it turned out really nice.  Love the wreath…. Hate the hanger.  I have to make a better “hanger” for it because this 1 just does not do it justice!


The goal is to leave this up all year round and just add embellishments for the seasons and holidays.  So we’ll see how well that works out.  ;-D

So what do you think? I think I love it!

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