I love a great basket wall! Besides showing off all the color & texture of world cultures, the best thing about basket walls is that no 2 are ever alike!

Even if you try to duplicate something you see on Pinterest or Insta, there’s just no way it can be the same. Especially if you are using authentic pieces that are ethically sourced. And that’s a great thing because no 2 homes should EVER be the same.

If you’re looking for a way to take your walls up a notch, read on for textural, sculptural & cultural inspiration featuring 5 unique ways to create a basket wall.

How To Create A Basket Wall

5 concepts you can mix & match to create a beautifully cultured gallery wall!

Crawl The Wall

This first design from the Queen of Soulful Décor, Jamala at Viva La Vintage For Your Home, is technically 2 basket walls! It has got to be one of my all time favorites because it literally looks like the baskets are making their way up and across the room! Crawling the wall!

The concept very uniquely bridges the 2 toned walls with baskets of unifying color & amazing texture.

Embrace Symmetry

There’s so much inspiration over at Afro-Bohemian Homes on Instagram! I love symmetry & struggle to step outside of that. This basket wall shows just how stunning a symmetrical arrangement can be! The tonal contrast against the dark walls during the golden hour is just gorgeous in this living room.

Keep It Simple

When I first started with baskets, I wasn’t sure I’d love it. So I started small with my 2 faves from Reflektion Design. These blue & green baskets were the first I’d ever gotten that were not gifted to me. I wanted them to stand out because they are so beautifully well made. This little corner of our living room was the perfect spot for them to shine.

Mix It Up

I still love & miss that corner. But… things can change a lot at home. Around here, it’s the holidays that usually spark change. This same little corner becomes THE spot for Christmas & even though my baskets still fit in perfectly, they don’t stand out nearly as much as I want.

So after sharing the spotlight with the holiday tree for a season, the basket wall moved & expanded. Mixed in with more basket friends, the new basket wall makes a major statement when you walk into our home.

Go Big or Go Home (aka Do It All)

Speaking of mixing it up AND speaking of Reflektion Design, Anitra – owner & curator, shows us how she created a beautifully cultured gallery wall in her living room.

It incorporates symmetry & tonal color in a way that is more mixed than matched. And if you look closely you will see a light switch in there that acts as art! It’s covered in African fabric… Genius!

This is proof of how to combine neutrals with pops of color & texture to make a room feel warm & inviting. On top of that, Anitra created this space in a rental proving there’s always a way to make a space uniquely your own!

How to create a basket wall, cultural gallery wall

So there you have it. 5 unique ways to create a basket wall that is all your own. Check out the choices at Reflektion Design & get 10% off using my link! You can combine concepts, colors, sizes & styles to curate a gallery wall that you’re guaranteed NOT to see anyplace else!

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